3 Ways to Show Style on the Golf Course

You have all the golf gear you want for an effective round at your nearby course: clubs, balls, gloves, and a pack. Be that as it may, having the right outfit can be equally important. Having the right golf attire goes beyond looking like a pro and can actually be important to making sure you move well enough to play the game well.

From choosing the right shoes to making sure your clothes allow for proper movement during your swing, everything should be considered as you gear up for a round. But don’t worry you can achieve all of these while still finding ways to show off your individual style on the course.

To assist with matching your style to your stroke, we are here to walk you through what to search for in golf clothing.


  1. Golf Shirts – these can range from polos to button down shirts, though most golfers during the warm months opt for moisture wicking and lighter weight materials. Even nice t-shirts are often allowed though you’ll want to check the course rules to be sure.
  2. Pants or Shorts – most courses allow for either shorts or pants but we don’t recommend jeans. They are a bit too casual for the gentlemens game of golf and they also don’t allow for good movement. Try for slacks or a nice pair of shorts.


  1. Tops – there are a wider variety of shirts available for women ranging from tank tops to v-neck t shirts or polos. Be sure to find one that you’re comfortable in that also allows for comfortable movement during play.
  2. Skirts or Other Bottoms – similar to tops, the style choices for women are more expansive. Skirts are often a popular choice especially in the summertime, but shorts and pants are also options. Again we like to emphasize the importance of comfort as well as style.

The game of golf offers lots of ways to showcase your style outside of your clothing. Whether you opt to outfit your look with a hat or fancy pair of shoes you can definitely make a statement. However, one of our favorite accessories to accessorize with is putter covers. Not only do they protect your clubs when on the course and during transport but they let you showcase who you really are – especially if you get a custom set made.