4 Beautiful Leather Tote Bags You’ll Love to Have as a Part of Your Collection 

Leather handbags are, were, and will always be one of those things that just do not go out of fashion, ever. It’s the long lasting nature of leather just as much as its uniqueness that makes it the number one material. If you’ve been wanting to have a leather handbag too, but haven’t really had enough guidance to buy one, then, we have you covered. The following 4 leather handbags will certainly click a chord with you. 

So, let’s get started with the hope that you’ll find your perfect bag in this list of 4. 

  1. Maisonneuve Nappa Leather Handbag 

This is an alluring Lowell leather tote bag that’s extremely spacious. Some of the most practical features of this handbag are as follows. 

  • It’s big enough to easily accommodate a 17 inch laptop. 
  • The material is pure cow leather and the linings in the bag are made of pure cotton. 
  • It features a small key hook too. 
  • The shoulder straps are made quite broad to maximize comfort. 
  1. Atwater Outlaw Leather Bag

The first thing that you’ll observe about this exquisite handbag is that it’s actually a combination of 3 different styles – a tote bag, a briefcase bag, and an everyday bag. Some of the better features of this leather handbag are as follows. 

  • It features a key hook. 
  • It’s a brilliant bag made with pure cow leather.
  • It incorporates hand straps as well as adjustable and removable shoulder straps. 
  1. Casgrain Leather Handbag

This leather handbag is actually a visual delight. Other than its exceptional quality – it’s made of pure cow leather and its lining is 100% cotton – it’s also one of those bags that can be used as a backpack as well as a handbag and shoulder bag. Some of its features that you should know before you can buy it are as follows. 

  • It has broad comfortable straps that are fully adjustable.
  • The straps feature beautiful stud buttons that look beyond classy. 
  • Its sides get beautifully folded when it’s closed with the help of a snap hook that’s provided on the top. 
  1. Casgrain Nappa Leather Backpack

One of the most beautiful collections of leather bags at Lowell, this backpack actually features a very very unique closure pattern – it’s provided with a small snap hook and a leather loop for front closure, and the shape that the bag takes upon closing is classic vintage. 

Here’s something more about this bag. 

  • It has adjustable straps too.
  • The button studs on the straps add a lot of class. 

All in all, the above-listed 4 backpacks/ tote bags are some of the best leather bags that are worth every penny that you will spend on buying them.