5 Important Elements of Quality Education


Education is the key to achieving the goal in life. Education is the ability to choose the right or wrong path in life and the skill of expressing the creativity and innovation of progress as well as conflict resolution. Above all, education is another name of the fulfilment of ambitions and reams of life. Get in touch with St-Laurent Académie for fulfilling your ambitions and dreams of your life. Though education is the key to achieve the goal of your life and make your life successful, it is often not possible if you do not get a proper education through an appropriate channel. There are different types of education but every type of education has its own approaches and steps. One needs to follow the steps in order to achieve proper education. Below are a few important elements of quality education.

  • Appropriate learning atmosphere: One need to get proper learning environment like the secure, healthy, protective, and inspiring atmosphere for proper learning or education. This becomes very necessary in case of socially backward groups, disability persons and to some extent for the girls or women. All learners irrespective or class, creed, gender and disabilities should feel adequately comfortable while learning at a specific place.
  • Appropriate content of education: There should be appropriate and adequate curriculum and learning materials for learning. Proper numeracy skills and basic literacy should be sufficiently emphasized in the curriculum of education. The curriculum also should incorporate nutrition, hygiene, conflict work, and contemporary subjects like gender equality and HIV/AIDS in its lists of contents.
  • Appropriate teaching methods: The teacher and the teaching methodology is the most important element of education. The teacher needs to be properly trained, personally motivated, and adequately skilful in teaching. He or she should evaluate whether his or her teaching methodology is appropriate for the learners.
  • Students’ preconditions: The students who come to a specific place for education must have some preconditions. This includes language, physical condition, social status etc. If a child is not acquainted with the language that is used in the school may not achieve the best learning. Similarly, a child with an acute and chronic health problem may not also profit out of education.
  • Appropriate Management: In order to run a good educational institution, there should be a proper and well-established school management system. The entire education system should follow a systematic way of functioning which is only possible if there is a proper management system. The management must articulate rules and regulations, behavioural pattern, proceedings etc. in order to run the school smoothly and progressively.