5 Kinds of Dresses Every Girl Should Own

Dresses can be worn on most occasions. Whether it’s a dinner date, a movie, or meeting the parents for the very first time – you can wear a dress and look fabulous. Making an impression with your dressing sense is possible.

You can even look pretty in a pink dress on a Sunday afternoon. Picnics call for a summery dress and winter evenings are perfect for a comfortable sweater dress.

Every woman should own certain types of dresses. You might think having an LBD (little black dress) would suffice, but there are some really cute cuts you need to own.

Let’s dive into this article as we have revealed the five kinds of dresses every girl should own. Dive in now!

1. Bohemian midi dress

A Bohemian midi dress looks amazing on picnics, shopping days, and a day out with your girls. It’s summery, relaxed, and pretty.

You can accessorize a bohemian midi dress. Perhaps a statement bracelet or chunky earrings would do the trick.

2. Leather dress

While cat suits look sexy, they can be uncomfortable for certain women. How about owning a leather dress? Leather dresses look sexy with strappy heels or boots.

Instead of choosing the usual black leather dress, you can opt for a brown leather dress. It looks very enticing!

3. Summer dress

Summer dresses come in floral prints. They look very cute for day outs. We feel that printed dresses are best for both slim and curvy women. It falls beautifully and looks feminine.

You can pair this up with cute open sandals and some basic jewellery like pearls or stones. Crystal jewellery is also getting famous in today’s era.

4. Lantern sleeve dress

Lantern sleeves look very classy. If you’ve got heavy arms, you can hide those efficiently with a lantern sleeve.

Perhaps a wrap dress or an A-line dress with lantern sleeves would look gorgeous.

5. Cut-out dresses

Cut-out dresses are getting a lot of attention these days. The cut-out could be on your waist or towards the navel. There are pretty crochet cut-out dresses and even A-line cut-out dresses.

You could take a good look at aleyah dresses for women and get some inspiration.

There are plenty of options! But, don’t forget to buy the above-mentioned dresses as they are a must-have. LBD is pretty basic, but a summer dress, cut-out dress, and something with lantern sleeves is a must!