5 Practical Uses for Anime Stickers

Poking around the internet for anime merchandise led to the Umai website. Umai is an anime-based clothing label owned and operated by an anime artist. The company sells T-shirts, hoodies, tops and bottoms, hats, and posters. They even sell anime stickers.

One thing led to another as I began thinking about how I would use anime stickers. In a shorter time than I would have otherwise expected, I actually came up with some practical uses. Five of them are discussed below. Needless to say, you can do lots of things with stickers if you set your mind to it.

1. Reward Older Kids

Though it is not a good idea to bribe children to behave a certain way, there is nothing wrong with rewarding them for a job well done. Anime stickers are a pretty good reward to modern kids. Offer yours a sticker for completing their chores without having to be told. Give them a sticker or two for volunteering to do extra work.

Anime stickers can be the modern version of gold stars in school. Every time your child scores well on a test or gets a good grade on an assignment, award a sticker. Stickers are a great motivation to do well because they can be displayed on a piece of poster board, a book cover, or wherever.

2. Entertain Younger Kids

As long as you are buying anime stickers to reward your older kids, you can also use them to entertain the younger set. Your toddlers will have the time of their life peeling stickers and sticking them to pieces of scrap paper. Then give them a box of crayons and let them go to town. Just be careful not to leave your kids alone with a stack of stickers and a blank wall. Otherwise, you could be scraping anime images from the hall for days to come.

3. Decorate Your Instrument Case

Have you ever seen instrument cases (think guitar cases here) adorned with stickers from around the world? You may never have the chance to be a world-traveling musician, but you can still decorate your own case with anime stickers. It will look just as cool. Maybe even more so. It will also make you feel like a rock star every time you carry your case.

4. Cover Your Laptop Logo

Are you the type of person who despises shameless marketing? If so, you may not be happy that your laptop bears the manufacturer’s logo on the front of the lid. Cover it up with an anime sticker. No one needs to know the brand you chose. And while you’re at it, your laptop’s manufacturer may have put a sticker just below the keyboard. You can cover that one with an anime sticker, too.

5. Color Rust Spots on Your Car

This final tip is no joke. You can use anime stickers to cover up rust spots on your car. It’s a real thing – at least as far as retail rust stickers are concerned. You can actually get them from auto parts stores for covering small rust spots on the hood, the quarters, etc.

The trend actually started out as a joke more than a decade ago, when teenagers decided that bumper stickers were an effective rust treatment. Today, there is an entire industry built around it. You can be part of the trend by choosing anime stickers that add a bit of artistic flair in addition to covering up the rust.

And there you have it: five practical uses for anime stickers. All you need to do now is go get some.