5 things to know before buying fur coats

There are a few things we can call winter staples – Coats are one of them. A fur coat is more like one of those classics that you can ever be done with. If you are planning to get a couple of coats as investment pieces for your closet, we have 5 things that you must know before placing an order. 

  1. Know more about the fur. Find out if the brand is selling real or faux fur. Some people have their reasons for not wearing real fur, but if you think of it practically, that’s actually a better choice. Firstly, you don’t replace real fur coats every year, and secondly, real fur is likely to keep you warmer. If nothing else, check for real fur-lined hoods. You can check for Wolfie Fur coats for women, which are designed from premium fur. 
  2. Take measurements. You have to take measurements before you order fur coat online. Keep in mind that brand sizing may vary from one company to another, and you don’t want to go ahead and order something that’s too small or too huge. The idea is to find a piece that fits your body perfectly. 
  3. Select colors with care. While there are no rules as what colors you should choose in fur coats, we strongly suggest that you check for colors based on your lifestyle. If you are a girl in college, anything from neon shades to leopard prints are good to go, but for working professionals, a few solid colors may do wonders. 
  4. Think of weather. Don’t forget that a fur coat is also meant to protect you from the weather. Consider the local weather and occasions for which you want to wear the coat. The best idea is to have at least a couple of warm coats in your closet, and at least one fashionable one that matches your expectations and personal taste. 
  5. Check the label. Designer and exclusive brands ensure that their fur coats remain stylish, practical, and worth the price. We strongly recommend that you don’t go for those cheap retail ones that are anything but warm. More importantly, you may have to buy another one in no time, so eventually, you are spending on two. 

Check online now to find stores that sell premium fur jackets, and don’t shy away from reviewing the various designs and styles, to find what works for your closet.