5 Top Bridal Lehenga Trends of 2023 You Must Know

In the past few years, because of intimate and low-budget weddings with fewer guests, Indian bride’s attire received greater attention. Brides adored some of the most colorful and heavily embellished lehengas at their weddings. 

Instead of choosing the traditional red color lehengas, brides are opting for other bright colors like yellow, green, Fuschia and tones of blue. Wedding season is on and we are here to give you insight into the recent trends in bridal lehengas for 2023. Keep reading if you are interested.

A-Line Anarkali Lehenga

A few years back, brides were interested in bodycon lehengas but now the latest trend is all about the ‘ghera’. The number of Kalis lehengas is going up to 16 and 20 which makes twirling brides look sensational. Although it is a bit heavy to carry these lehengas, millennial brides are ready for this. These traditional lehengas look gorgeous and give you a maharani vibe on your wedding day.

Sprawling Trails

To get a stunning queen look, many designers have begun to include sweeping trails into their lehengas. Although trials belong to western white weddings, the craze can be easily seen in the desi brides too. 2022 brides are loving it and we are hopeful to see some stunning lehenga trails in 2023. 

   White Lehenga

Indian brides are always expected to be seen in red, pink and orange bridal outfits.  But traditions have evolved and there are many beautiful changes involved in Indian weddings. One of these changes is brides going wearing white lehengas at their weddings. These lehengas are beautiful, elegant and make the bride stand out because of their quirky choice. Try to add color to your outfit by choosing Gorgeous Bridal Jewelry with coloured gems and stones. This will make a perfect combo!

Bright Hues

Red, Pink and Orange are some obvious bright choices for brides but what about other colors? Bright Shades of Blue, green, and yellow are some excellent lehenga colors which we may see in 2023. Our bold desi brides are up for anything to stand out at their weddings. Because of more social media exposure, every bride wants to have pretty pictures on her special day. These unique bright lehenga shades are perfect photogenic colors which make you look very pretty.

Shimmery Lehengas

You might have noticed the love for shimmer in this wedding season. Shimmery fabrics are back in trend and with a boom. Most Pakistani Brides and Indian Brides are choosing shimmery lehengas for their weddings. It could be mirror work sequins or metallic embroidery, every glitter detail is very much in trend and will blossom in 2023 also. Most of the designers are coming up with shimmery lehengas and you can get them customized according to your preference. You deserve to shine on your wedding day and these lehengas make it simple.

You can always go with the ongoing trends or could start a new one. These are some of the bridal lehnga options you might like in 2023. If you made your choice about bridal lehenga then Amazel Designs can help to choose a perfect Bridal Jewelry which will compliment your bridal outfit. Check out our complete range of jewelry for your wedding and pre-wedding needs.