5 Types of Men’s Gold Chain Links to Consider When Shopping

Undoubtedly, men’s gold chains have evolved to become fashion statements. A gold chain will say a lot about you and enhance your look, making you stand out from the crowd. While you’ll get men’s chains in different materials, gold is a must-have, and the reasons are apparent. It’s associated with class, taste, and wealth, and you can wear gold link chains on different occasions. That’s not all, though! Your choices are endless when we talk of these timepieces. You’ll get men’s gold chains in various styles and sizes, and choosing your perfect match shouldn’t be an issue.

Check out distinct styles to consider:

1. Cuban link chain

The Cuban link is a stunning chain with a traditional rope design. It features single links intertwined in a twisted pattern to look thicker and chunky. Its oval-shaped links add decorative detail to the chain, creating an attractive rope pattern and weighty design. If you’re seeking a durable piece, this is a must-have. It’s a favorite among many, thanks to its sturdiness and durability.

2. Rope chain links

Rope gold chains make great additions to any man’s wardrobe. They are stylish, and owning one is a wise idea. Rope chains look great on men of all ages, and you can accessorize them with any outfit. What makes them unique? These men’s gold chains feature twisting strands created by different links that aren’t completely joined. They are versatile, and the oval links will create a beautiful rope effect to add a sense of luxury and edginess to your attire.

3. Box chains

 Box chains are different from the other chain designs in that they feature a series of cubed links. They are commonly referred to as Venetian chains and come in varying widths. You can go for slim chains, but thick ones are pretty sturdy. Box chains are famous for their durability and are some of the sturdy men’s chains available. They can withstand everyday wear and require minimal maintenance.

4. Herringbone chains

The herringbone is yet another choice to any man’s wardrobe. It’s an intricate series of links laid in a parallel direction. What’s more, it traces its origin to Ancient Egypt and is named after its resemblance to the slanted bones of a herring fish. These chains are a get choice if you love solid-looking pieces without a pendant. It’s very durable, and you can have it repaired if you damage it.

5. Ball chains

Ball chains are also referred to as snake links and feature round beads intertwined to make a strong chain. Ball chains feature a tiny space in between the chains and are composed of spheres and not open links. These are usually hollow or solid to minimize the weight.

Wrapping up

 There are different types of men’s gold chains. You’ll get them in leading stores online and should choose one to match your outfit. Although you can go for gold plated chains; real gold chains are highly durable and make great choices. Choose one for your budget and enjoy wearing a durable timepiece that will accentuate your overall look.