5 unisex sweater trends for 2022

Sweaters are without a doubt the coziest and most comfy apparel in your wardrobe. Apart from the essential basics, bright designs are back in style this year. Let’s take a look at five sweater trends for 2022 that are suitable for both men and women.

Half zip

If you want to go for a sportier, more athletic style that will still look suitable for the big city life, be happy as the half zip jumpers are back in style. Perfect for both a Zoom call for work and a city-break in nature, this garment is the perfect mix of comfort and style, as the zipper can be adjusted and works great for both colder and warmer days. When shopping, look at the labels: the perfect sweater is made entirely of wool, cashmere, or a blend of different types of natural fibers. Such a garment will be warm, cozy, and long-lasting.

Aran sweaters

Speaking of long lasting sweaters, the Aran sweaters, especially the cable knit ones, have been in trend for the last seasons and are surely not going anywhere from the pedestal this year. Such a sweater has stood the test of time as being durable, elegant, and fashionable. Pair it with some leggings and UGGs for a quick run to the groceries store or wear it with some denim jeans and a t-shirt underneath to create a warm layering perfect for cold early spring days. Don’t have one? Go to online websites as Tara Irish Clothing and get yourself a sweater!

Sweater vests

Sweater vests, also known as sleeveless sweaters, have gained incredible popularity over the recent years, and contrary to what their haters wished, they don’t seem to go away. These clothes are definitely for the bolder ones who got tired of basic outfits and would like to add a layer and spice up their wardrobe with something a bit more unique and creative. Get a black, white, or gray one for work and choose a more colorful one, with distinct patterns, for fun outfits to wear when going out. Go for larger, a bit oversized vests, as they are the most comfortable and warm ones.

Button-up cardigan

Cardigans, like other trendy sweaters this year, have never actually gone out of style. These wool garments, which usually have an open front and wooden buttons, are ideal for days when it is cooler in the mornings and evenings and warmer in the afternoons, as they may be worn instead of a jacket. A cropped cardigan paired with high-waisted jeans would be perfect for practically any occasion for ladies, while a navy fitting cardigan worn over a white button-up would be suitable for men as a business uniform.

Turtleneck sweaters

The classic and indispensable turtleneck sweaters are a must-have in any fashion thread. As much as we all hated them as children, we now recognize them as one of the most comfortable, warm, soft, and protective garments suitable for all seasons. It would be excellent to have a couple of these in your collection, in both neutral and vibrant colors, so that you are ready for any event. They’re also wonderful for layering, which will come in handy for the rest of the winter, as well as the cooler spring days.