Are Blue Light Computer Glasses Worth Getting?

It is estimated that on an average; a person stares on digital devices like computers, laptops, television, etc. For at least ten hours a day. Unfortunately, we are blissfully unaware of its implications. Most digital screens emit a blue light, which is quite harmful to our eyes. It can cause eye-strain, disrupt the sleep pattern, and even lead to permanent damage to your vision. All these problems can be effortlessly combated by wearing blue light computer glasses while staring at digital screens. They are excellent if –

  • You spend a major part of your time in front of the computer. It could be because you are working in front of the computer or are addicted to watching movies or playing video games. Your eyes get major protection with these glasses.
  • If you had been working long hours in front of the computer and had skipped on wearing computer glasses; you would be experiencing symptoms like blurred vision, headache, dry eyes and various other symptoms of digital eye strain. You can prevent these symptoms from aggravating and improve your eye-health by using blue light glasses.
  • Most experts recommend not to use digital devices at least a few hours before sleep. It is because light, in any form, tends to suppress melatonin at night, which leads to the disruption of the circadian rhythms. These are responsible for our sleep and wake cycles. It is because of this disruption that we experience sleeping disorders. Blue light tends to cause double the disruption. Thus, protection from these becomes a mandatory requirement.

You could be a night worker or are simply conscious about your eye-health; blue light glasses are your best companion. In this digital age; you cannot live without electronic items, but you can definitely protect yourself from its harmful effects by using the arsenal of quality blue light glasses.