Best Practice for Storing Your Cashmere Sweaters

All good things, they say, must come to an end, but this doesn’t have to be the case with cashmere sweats. When it comes to clothes, the quality of the product is 80 % responsible for its durability while the remaining 20 % is up to you. While cashmere of the highest quality can last for years and even be resold several times, you need to take special care if you’re to preserve its integrity.

Washing Cashmere

Your cashmere is safest and guaranteed to last longer when it is hand-washed, especially when the label demands it. Don’t use washing machines. This is because cashmere is less likely to be damaged by drycleaning solvents. It is best to use mild detergents when washing cashmere. The next best thing is natural hair shampoo. After all, Cashmere is hair.

Drying Your Cashmere

Drying cashmere is different from drying other kinds of clothes. For one, cashmere should not be squeezed or wrung when wet. Doing this is a surefire way to deliberately ruin your cashmere. Rather than wringing, press your cashmere into a ball until the water comes out. To dry, simply spread your cashmere out on a clean towel and allow to air-dry.

Ironing Your Cashmere

Cashmere shouldn’t be ironed. If you must iron it, however, turn it inside out first. This way, the chances of pilling the cashmere fibers are reduced significantly. Also, the iron is less likely to “stain” or mark your clothing that way.

Heat and Light

Cashmere should be kept away from direct heat and harsh lights. Regular heat exposure will eventually ruin the cashmere hairs. As tempting as it might seem to store or keep your cashmere close to the window, don’t do it.

Storing Your Cashmere

Cashmere Clothing should never be hanged. Rather, they should be folded and kept in neat, dry places. Hanging them causes them to sag and stretch quickly due to the effect of gravity. Aerated bags, drawers, and shelves are good places to store cashmere clothing.

Preventing or Controlling Pilling

Pilling happens only when friction happens even on cashmere. This means that the more your cashmere rubs against itself while you’re wearing it, the likelier it’ll pill. While it is hard to prevent pulling completely, it can be reduced.Razors and scissors will damage your cashmere, so it is best to invest in a pill comb or a sweater comb. They will help get rid of all the fuzzy pills and keep your cashmere smooth. When brushing, be sure to brush in one direction, and when your cashmere is dry.

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