Best ways to style your diamond jewellery

We all have been fascinated by diamonds since forever. These precious stones have always managed to add a sense of sparkle and rarity to jewellery that is loved by everyone. And the more exclusive the design, the greater is the beauty of it.

Be it regular tee and denim, Indian ethnic clothes, or workwear – by the look of it, we all know that diamond jewellery goes with almost everything. But styling it right is one thing, that you can stand out with. Matching the vibe of your jewellery, you can make the best pairings that make the statement just right.

Here’s looking at some of the best ways to style your diamond jewellery.

Casual Wear

If you are looking for a rather casual and simple look, it’s best to go for elegant and minimalistic jewellery. Some of the best jewellery gifts for women who like to keep is casual are elegant diamond necklaces which have diamonds lined one after the another in a single chain. It is regal, classy, and vibrant. Single strands of diamond necklaces, bracelets, etc go best with a casual look. Moreover, you can choose solitaire diamond rings or stud earrings for your daily wear.

Traditional Look

Longing to wear diamonds with your ethnic or traditional wear? Choose diamonds that are either large or uncut. While a lot depends on the clothes that you want to pair your diamonds with, a universal rule says traditional Indian jewellery with diamonds works best. When pairing with a saree, go for subtle pieces that embrace the look but don’t overpower the saree. Diamond sets with necklace, earrings, bangles, etc paired together work best for traditional wear. When choosing to wear your diamonds with lehengas, you can look for statement diamond pieces with large or uncut diamonds to add a sparkle to your outfit.

Western Wear

Attending a cocktail party, an award event, or just an engagement party? Diamonds can be your best bet! When styling your diamonds with gowns, dresses, etc you can bet on diamonds as a single piece to add that charm to your look. Instead of wearing too much jewellery go for a statement earring, solitaire, or bracelet to attain a minimalistic, sophisticated yet elegant look. The design needs to be the element of difference here. Instead of going for a traditional design, opt for a more modern or trendy design to embrace your outfit.

Wedding charm

Indian brides celebrate their special day with a lot of sparkles. Indeed, diamond is one of the best-chosen pieces of jewellery to go into the wedding trousseau. And so when choosing diamond gifts for women, statement diamond jewellery is the best! For your wedding day, go for a statement diamond necklace with matching jewellery to pair with your lehenga or saree. The larger the diamonds, the more glamorous is the look. Moreover, with the new-age designs, the Indian brides are at liberty to choose from the fusion of designs that matches their personality and style. You can never go wrong with a layered diamond necklace or traditional designs like polki, jadau, etc.

Work Wear

Indian women like to create a statement with their minimalistic diamond jewellery even at their workplaces. After all, every woman deserves a dose of sparkle everywhere they go. And so for the working women, minimalistic diamond jewelleries are the best choice. When wearing your diamonds to office or meetings, opt for a rather simple and elegant piece. Solitaire diamond rings, solitaire earrings, or pendants match perfectly with your workwear.

Add diamonds to your style! It indeed is the best element to make your look stand out!