Cashmere Scarf Symbolizes a Varied Blend of Culture and Traditions

Everyone has sweaters, long coats, pullover, jumpers, etc. in their winter wardrobe. We buy winter wear frequently according to the trending fashion. However, have you ever thought of buying a cashmere scarf? Cashmere scarf is a must for every fashion-centric woman. 

What is Cashmere? 

Cashmere is made from the fur of mountain goat which is found in the Himalayas. This goat is spotted in the plateaus of Gobi Desert that lies within Northern China and reaches up to Mongolia. Now, this breed of goat is found worldwide. This animal has dual coats. The outer coat or cover is coarse while the inner part is smooth and fine. The inner part is cashmere that is used to make scarves. 

Cashmere fur has been in sage since 300 BC, when residents of Kashmir, India used inner fleece for a shawl, to give warmth during the winter season. When in the 15th Century the Mongolian King Dali promoted cultural art and craft, then cashmere shawl became a world-renowned item. Initially, the extraction process of cashmere fur from goat is quite lengthy because the animal fat and outer cover were removed first, then pure cashmere was scraped out. Now the process is quick by combing and pruning. 

The original cashmere scarf is expensive, but there are some mixed materials as well which is less expensive yet adorable. However, if you’re a fashion freak who believes in original products, then try the hand-woven cashmere scarves and shawls of Oats & Rice situated on Cambridge Road, UK.  

The founder of the company got her weaving experience from schools of Japan and Tibet. She gets her supply of cashmere from the hub of Mongolia. The company focuses on traditional memories, and therefore their entire craftsmen are local who has been in this profession since generations. 

Benefits of Cashmere Scarf

There are various benefits of buying cashmere scarf –

  • It is made from natural material without any harmful chemicals or dyes. This means it saves the earth from pollution.
  • Cashmere scarf is all-rounder because, because it comes in various colours and shade and each scarf can be worn with any kind of attire. 
  • Most machine-made woollen either lose colour, shrink or you may see bobbling after a wash. However, cashmere material is long-lasting which can be used for a longer time and it will not shrink or wrinkle. 
  • Cashmere is made from natural fibre so they’re quite similar to your skin. Although there are many woollens in the market with different colours and design, cashmere is exclusive.  
  • Many people have an allergy to certain dyes, chemicals, fibre like, synthetic, so they’re very picky about clothes and woollens. However, cashmere being natural saves a person from getting skin irritation and rashes. 
  • Fancy woollen clothes often will make you sweat even in winter during the day because of the mixed material and chemicals used in it. Cashmere scarf and shawls have insulated air pockets that allow air circulation which keeps you warm in winters as well as fresh. 

Cashmere scarf can never go out of fashion. Traditional items have their characteristics which make them special. The scarf is used to save your neck from biting cold. The scarf has become an important part of women’s closet as it can be worn in different ways. It is suitable for any kind of outfit whether casual, formal or classic.