Choose the Most Comfortable Shoes for New Walker

Your child’s first steps are an important milestone not only for them but for you as a parent. Now it’s time to find the best walking shoes as they begin their walking journey. For this, you need to buy them the best pair of shoes that are beautiful as well as comfortable to walk. Find the Top Baby Shoes on Jack & Lily for your kid as they begin to navigate and explore the world on their feet. 

Toddler Shoe Size & Fit

Do not think that size of the shoes does not matter. Getting a shoe larger than their size will not allow them to walk comfortably around and securely. The first step includes getting the right size. Be sure to follow the size guide to find the exact size of your child’s feet. You can visit a local shoe store nearby to check the right size. You can also do this at your home with the help of inch tape. A good-fitting shoe should provide enough space in the front so that there is no pinching and room for foot growth. 

Size Fit 

When you get the right size shoes for toddlers, do not buy too much for them. In toddlers, the feet grow fast and it is advised to measure their feet every 2 months. Also, you need to see that different brands’ sizes may vary. It is best to choose a shoe brand whose shoes fit best for your toddler. Going with the age and predicting the size with different many brands fail many times be a failure, thus going inches is a better choice. Find Reliable Baby Walking Shoes for your needs at Jack & Lily with a range of sizes for your growing child.

Bend It

Shoes for toddlers should easily bend in your hand, showing they are flexible for any terrain. If they are stiff and cannot be bent, this means they won’t be comfortable for your kid. Stiff is bad for their foot and foot development. The best walking shoes for babies allow the foot to breathe and move. The rubber sole allows ground for traction. Jack & Lily provides high quality material, with their signature flex soles to provide the best traction and flexibility as your child partakes in various activities.