Clip in Hair Extensions 101

Clip in hair extensions provide an easy way to add color, volume and length to your hair, transforming your look in a matter of minutes. Today, clip in hair extensions have become one of the most preferred methods of hair enhancement used by stylists and DIY users alike.

There are several advantages and benefits to clip in extensions, including the following.

Temporary and Easy to Apply

Clip in hair extensions are easy to apply with practice, attached with pressure sensitive clips that won’t damage your hair. More permanent hair extension methods can cause breakage and hair loss, especially if you try to do it yourself.

A Fantastic way to Jazz Up Your Hair

Clip in hair extensions are the ideal solution for an almost effortless hairstyle change says Lyndsay Maderes of a Portland Hair Salon. You can use them to add volume and length to your hair without waiting for it to grow out. Want to add fun highlights for a night on the town? You can do that with clip in a hair extension (available in lots of colors).

Human Hair Clip in Extensions

If you want the best, most natural looking clip in extensions, invest in human versions. The color, texture, and feel makes them the most “real” looking choice. They’ll also last longer, and you’ll have more styling options. With human hair clip in extensions, you’ll be able to style it with heat tools, and color it as well. Synthetic extensions are okay for a more affordable option and won’t be affected by the weather. Clip in human hair extensions also last significantly longer (up to a year or more) than synthetic versions (5 to 6 months). The main reason people use synthetic hair extensions is the price (typically a fraction of the cost of human hair). When it comes to a natural look and long term value, human hair extensions are always the better choice.

Clip in Hair Extensions Systems

One piece hair extensions are available in several lengths. These are a great for anyone new to hair extensions because they’re easy to practice with. Two piece extension systems typically consist of one wider piece that clips in high and a smaller extension that clips on at the nape. Eight and ten piece systems are available in a variety of widths with wefted hair, which are positioned from the smallest to the largest, working from the bottom up. Obviously, multiple piece systems provide the most styling versatility.

Practice Makes Perfect

Applying clip in hair extensions will take some practice. You can also take your clip in hair extensions to a professional stylist (with hair extension experience) and have them apply them for you. If they are natural hair extensions the stylist can cut or color them as well.  They can also create layers with your extensions which will help make them look even more natural, seamlessly blending in.

Just about anyone can wear hair extensions. For anyone experiencing severe hair loss, we recommend that they consult a physician prior to buying clip-in hair extensions to make sure they’re safe for them to wear.