Dermopigmentation: The Fine Art Of Creating A Semi-permanent Makeup Look You’ll Fall in Love With

Hair, lips, and eyes, all these features combined, qualify as ultimate benchmarks for looks. And not everybody is born blessed with the finest of these features. That, though, doesn’t mean the end of the road.

The features that one isn’t born with can be created with the help of the cosmetic procedure known as dermopigmentation at Kad Brows. If you’re still holding onto every word we have written, it means you’re here to learn about what dermopigmentation is. If so, the guide below will answer all your questions.

Dermopigmentation : Safe or not?

Cosmetic procedures like microblading and nano-needling qualify as Dermopigmentation. In other words, the cosmetic procedures that are used to add superficial pigments to the skin are dermopigmentation.

That said, before we can take you through the finest of such procedures, the question that needs to be addressed is, are these procedures safe?

Well, the answer is relative. If you pick elite salons like Kad Brows that take proper care of hygiene and have experienced technicians to perform the procedure, it’s safe enough. Besides, these procedures can be painful without numbing creams. And only professionals are aware of the right technique to numb the targeted area and perform the procedure perfectly.

Now that you have the answer, it’s time to make an introduction with a few dermopigmentation procedures.

  1. Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading the eyebrows means adding pigments to the upper layer of the skin so that the brows look thicker, darker, and defined. It is a unique tattooing art that makes use of an array of small needles that are used to:

  • Create thin and fine strokes that look like real hair.
  • Insert ink in the skin to make the eyebrows fuller.

Like all other dermopigmentation techniques, this one is semi-permanent too.

  1. Lip Coloring and Contouring

All women desire that they have natural-looking plump lips. And nano-needling is the dermopigmentation technique that is used to fulfill this wish.

It is used to:

  • Add color to the lips.
  • Make the lips plumper and younger at the same time.
  1. Tricopigmentation for Hair

Whether it’s hair thinning or hair loss due to alopecia, tricopigmentation is the go-to solution. Like all other dermopigmentation techniques this one is a form of semi-permanent tattooing as well.

On a closing note, experience is the key to attain the perfect look without being subjected to any kind of side effect that happens due to lack of practical knowledge. Thus, it’s expert salons you should be visiting for any such procedure.