Do it Your Own $10 Yarn Box

As of the present, subscription boxes are a massive marketing trend which mostly allows customers every month to try a sample of a product or an array of products.       

Avid fans of knitting are very happy knowing that there is now a subscription box which is very affordable (like a $10 yarn box) that is available for them. Yarn subscription boxes allow you the opportunity to try mini skeins of a selection of yarns and get full skeins together with a pattern.

Finding the time to sew and craft can become quite a challenge, let alone looking for new materials and exciting projects. Project kits and yarn box subscriptions give clever new concepts for interested and knowledgeable sewers and crafters. The advantages of these yarn boxes include deliberate curation by skilled creators, complete and measured materials, and substantial savings compared to separately purchasing each knitting materials.

Collections as well as kits are also great gift ideas to give to your friends who like to sew and craft. A knitting project kit is a way of sharing your passion in fiber crafting with a friend or family members who may need some assistance, a project guide, and gorgeous materials to also motivate them to engage in sewing, knitting, embroidery, or any other fun and rewarding pastime.

However, while it is true that it is indeed fun getting or giving as a gift these yarn subscription boxes (because it would be a real surprise to see what you have), if you are finicky — or one who does not like to figure out what to do about loads of tiny yarn skeins — subscribing to a yarn box may not be for you.

But by creating your very own $10 yarn box, you can still integrate the element of surprise from getting these boxes with the intent of having to use more yarn out of your collection. Choose and put a yarn, pattern, and some other important supplies for knitting in a bag or box, mix them and randomly select one to work on each month or whenever a new project is desired.

Making your Own $10 Yarn Box

We will now take you through to the process of creating a yarn box that you can repeat as many times as you would like. You can even make yarn boxes that are sufficient enough to last throughout the year.

The very first step would then be to find the perfect yarn that you would want to use for your yarn box and sort out what you have.

For instance, you would like to go for the exquisite Ella Rae Kamelsoft (this skein, though, has already been discontinued). It would be best if you are also knowledgeable about the details of the different types of yarn skeins. The above-mentioned yarn skein is a blend of Merino (75 percent) and Camel (25 percent). It has a quite slightly heavy, worsted weight – you will need for a size 9 US needles for this. 

On the other hand, when a yarn has long been there in your stash for quite a long time and no longer has a label, you might not have all this information, but at least there are techniques to determine the yardage. To ascertain the weight of the yarn, you can make us of a wrap per inch tool. 

When you already have enough basic information about the yarn skein that you would want to use and put in your yarn box, the next step would then find the perfect pattern to knit with it.

More often than not we purchase yarn and know exactly what we want to do with it, even though we may not do it right away, so finding a pattern may be as easy as finding the book or magazine where you want to follow for your knitting project.

Finding the perfect patterns

If you do not really know or do not have any inkling of an idea of what you want to make, then Google is your best friend. You can just simply type on the search box “yarn knitting patterns” and you will be given hundreds of results. There are also other websites aside from Google which are particularly dedicated for knitting pattern ideas. So you can easily go to that particular site and search for pattern ideas for the yarn skein that you have, and it will show up what other people had made with the same yarn as yours. 

You can now proceed in the next of your making your own $10 yarn box once you already have your yarn and pattern figured out. Check the pattern that you have chosen so that you will know what would be the required size of needles that would be needed (depending on your knitting project, there might be varying sizes and/or lengths that is needed) and any items you may might need for such as buttons, a cable needle or perhaps a stitch holder.

Put all these materials in a bag or box. Try and make them look nearly identical if you are doing a lot, or if you have got enough yarn boxes you can place one in each, do not really pay so much attention to what goes on in which bag or box. The purpose here is to maintain the surprise element which is one of the things that makes getting a knitting yarn box so exciting. But if you do not care about that, or you might already have particular knitting projects in mind that you would want to do in a specific time of the year, then you can plan out which box is which for each specific month or the order in which you would want to work on a knitting project.

Whatever way you would want to do it, making your very own $10 yarn box is really fun and exciting way to use up your yarn skeins stash as well as a great approach to give yourself the time to make use of other little things that you might have forgotten that you have.