Famous Celebrities with an Apple-Shaped Body

Your main goal in dressing your apple-shaped body is to reduce the attention from the upper half of your body to the lower half. You can do this with proper style, color, and design of the clothes that you wear.

The main traits of having an apple-shaped body include having a larger bust, broader shoulder, less defined waist, and narrower hips.

There are celebrities that we all love that have apple-shaped body size. Once you have mastered the trick on how to shop for your beautiful body, then there will be a new lease of life to your collections. You will soon have better moments putting outfits together. As such, celebrate your apple-shaped body and don’t forget to wear a smile!

If you are still unsure of how to dress your apple-shaped body, you can find inspiration from these celebrities. 

Jennifer Hudson’s Style

Jennifer Hudson is one of the famous singers around the world and she is one of the fabulous apple shaped women. Indeed, there is a lot to admire Jennifer Hudson. She is beautiful and she knows how to dress her body. Her aura seems to exude strength and persistence. Over the years, her style has changed and developed. However, you can follow it for inspiration.

Her usual skirt style from Yishion Clothes is easy to copy. For her tops, she usually wears black. Blacktops will minimize the look of the upper waist area and her bust. The top is tucked in to emphasize her tiny waist. This also helps to make her legs look extra-long.

Jennifer Hudson wears skirts that are semi-fully fitted and available in one color. For her shoes, she makes sure that she wears high heels. She also has minimal accessories and no bag at all.

Moreover, Jennifer Hudson has lost a lot of weight over the years. The cocktail dresses that she wears today celebrate her figure to its fullest. The dress is usually body-conscious and it is no short than a few inches above the knee. The shoes she wears are black and high heels with a platform.

On the other hand, you can see Jennifer Hudson always wearing skirts and dressed often than pants. But when she does, she would usually wear black pants and it is not fitting. She would wear leggings and it is black.

In sum, Jennifer Hudson knows how to celebrate her body shape and size. She gives less attention to details like her bags and accessories. The focus is on her perfectly styled hair, makeup, high heels, and flattering clothes.


Tyra Banks’s Style

Tyra Banks is a business mogul and fashion model who rise into power because of her beauty and attitude. She rose to fame in the 1990s and became the first black woman on the cover of GQ. She is also responsible for bringing us America’s Next Top Model TV series. Indeed, she is one of the many apple shaped women that are loved by people around the world. For her style, she loves something chic and polished look.

For example, she likes wearing a suit with pointy-toe boots. The vest makes her feel so powerful with her looks.

Moreover, she also likes wearing a pair of statement heels fromYishion Clothes. It doesn’t have to be five inches or higher. You can wear something with a little bit of elevation and a swing in your hip. According to Tyra Banks, wearing heels can also improve posture. Walking tall is also important in boosting your confidence.


Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones rose to fame in the nineties for her role in ‘The Mask of Zorro.’ She always dresses to draw attention away from her middle. She always avoids wearing thick belts, clingy dresses, and shirts. Overall, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a fashion icon from then until now.


Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is an English actress, businesswoman, and model. She has been associated with Estee Lauder since she began modeling at the age of 29.

One tip from Elizabeth Hurley is wearing bold prints but not overdoing it. She always keeps her accessories neutral and she wears nude patent heels. This keeps the attention to her dress

For her winter coats, she like wearing colorful ones like bright purple. However, Elizabeth makes sure that she tone it down a bit with a black scarf and tights.

Moreover, Elizabeth likes wearing pink and she wears it well. She likes wearing it with party accessories. But for a safer bet, she wears it with subtle and metallic heels.

During the party season, Elizabeth can still look gorgeous with her faux fur and party dress. Finally, making jeans look smart is one trick that Elizabeth has mastered through the years. The actress will usually pair her jeans with cashmere jumper plus tan heels. You can also add a scarf and blazer for additional fashion points.