Find Replacement Zippers for Your Pair of Pants

Every time the zipper in a garment breaks, it can be quite tempting to just toss the entire garment to the trash. But, before you toss away your favorite item, why not take a minute to replace its zipper first? Doing so will let you save not just your wardrobe but also your wallet.

To replace the zipper in your favorite pair of pants, there are a few steps you have to follow. First, remove its broken zipper. A seam ripper can be used for removing the stitches holding the zipper into the pants’ fly. This creates a pocket between the fly front and the fly shield. Once you get to the bottom or top of the zipper, just cut off the zipper close to the pants’ fabric as much as you can. Refrain from removing the stitches in the area.

As the right zipper side is faced upwards, slip the zipper tape on a side into the pocket made in the first step. Pin this into proper place then use the zipper foot on the machine to create a straight stitching line as near the fly top’s edge as you can.

Unzip the zipper then pin the side not yet sewn to the inside of fly overlap. As you work on the inner side of the paints, you can use thread and a sturdy needle for hand sewing the zipper tape to the position. Ensure that you just catch the fabric’s inner layer on the fly overlap to ensure that the stitches don’t show through the pants’ front.

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