Find the Smart Massage for Perfect Relaxation

When we decide to embark on professional massage, we quickly ask ourselves the question of choosing a complete protocol to learn, in order to offer it to our future clientele. You then launch into research on the net in order to make your choice.

At that moment, a feeling of doubt invades you and a shiver runs up your back:

Californian, Swedish, Balinese, Lomi-lomi, Ayurvedic, Thai, massage on the floor, on the table, sitting, in oils, dressed, hot stones, pouches and many others, whose names are sometimes as hard to write as ‘to pronounce.

  • You start to look at the meaning of the first massages and you discover for each of them a history, a philosophy, a culture.
  • So much information on dozens, hundreds of sites and blogs, representing hours, days of reading, comparison, hesitation transforming the search for your favorite massage into an endless crusade.

Why so much hatred?

From a professional point of view, the choice of the first massage is not to be taken lightly and many factors come into play:

The kind of masseur you want to become, the clientele you want to target, your personality, your spirituality, the place where you want to exercise and much more.

In this article, we share with you an analysis based on my personal experience, my knowledge of the massage market and the advice that seems to me the most judicious to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts. Go for the best massage in 대구 스웨디시.

How are massages perceived by customers?

When you embark on a sector that is culturally and philosophically rich, there is a notion that you lose sight of a little and that we must tell you right now. This notion is that most of your future clientele is not initiated into the world of massage.

We proudly display the exotic names of these massages from the 4 corners of the world on our means of communication without taking into account that the people for whom they are intended, that is to say the customers, do not know them and for the most do not care at all about the origin or history of these impious practices.

Except for a few rare amateurs, fond of their historical sense and their philosophy, the clientele will distinguish massages in 3 groups:

  • Oil massage on the table (Californian, Balinese, lomi-lomi, Ayurvedic…)
  • Dressed massage on the ground (Thai, Korean relaxation, etc.)
  • Chair massage (in companies, markets, salons and fairs)

The first element to take into account is therefore that, whatever massage you choose to exercise, you will fall into one of these 3 categories from the point of view of the clientele.

Whether you practice a lomi-lomi, a Balinese or a Californian, your client will remember that he received an oil massage on a table, period.

What is the most profitable massage?

If you have decided to embark on a wellness massage professionally, it is to make a living from it, or at least to earn an income from it. Thus, the question “what is the massage most requested by customers?” is completely legitimate. The answer could be simple, given that currently the most widely used protocol in the world is Californian massage (and its derivatives).