Follow the new Trend of Wearing Statement Fashion Necklaces

Turn your wardrobe interesting, using these simple tools called fashion necklaces. They can spin your look 180 degrees by adding the right amount of sparkle to your look. Create a statement with your ordinary clothes and a spiffy neckpiece cascading down your throat. Flaunt your collarbones the right way, by sporting a neckpiece that suits your skin. Add a touch of glamor to your wardrobe by wearing these trendy statement-creators which can be obtained from wholesale fashion jewelry stores or boutiques. You are just a neckpiece away from the most fashionable look of your life. Yes, it’s true- a necklace is all it takes.

Classy Pearls

Show-off those classy pearls in style, with a summery dress or a pastel shade to give a regal look. You can wear pearls with just about anything to turn a simple black dress elegant or a denim shirt interesting. Pearls strings come in different sizes, so wear medium sized pearls with a formal top, or wear varied sized bead strings to create a dramatic look.

Metal Madness

Metalled strings are styling circles, this season. So add different shades of metal to create punk or classily layer it up to create a statement. You can add silver to gold strings, or bronze to silver, and mix and match distinct looks to experiment with style. You can even add charms to your string to add chunk and volume.

Ropes and Threads

Try out differently hued neck-pieces made out of threads and lines. They add vibrancy to your outfit and create yet another style statement. It’s a way to put in the right amount of punch into your spiffy flair. Try it out with denim jackets and notice the difference.

Crystal and Rhinestones

A dull turtleneck with a brocade jacket can go trendy in a minute, with these additions. Crystals and Rhinestones add in the right amount of zest to your outfit. These stylish accessories are versatile players and can be paired with just about anything to turn things edgy and interesting.

Dog Collar

Don’t be put off by the name; this trendy neck-piece has become a quintessential part of every fashionista’s wardrobe because of the wonders it does to your look. It sticks to your throat like the second skin and gives your neck the kind of attention it deserves. You can pair it up with strappy tops and dresses to give complete justice to the necklace.

Glittering Statement

You can add just enough sparkle to let your neck shine, with diamond imitations and more. Create a statement with these by wearing them on top of a T-shirt or collared shirt. They are best supplements to experiment with.

Keep the Balance

These haute couture accessories are a definite hit this season and usually are everywhere with tons of designs and variations in the market for wholesale statement necklaces and other fashion accessories. Choose wisely, coordinate colors, designs, shapes and sizes. But don’t overcrowd your neck with pearls, chunk or symbols because everything looks good in modest volume. Don’t go over with these elements, because they are supplements to your outfit and not the outfit itself. So Remember to balance it out and not go overboard with these ancillaries. Be wise with shades and volumes, because maintaining the right balance is the key.