Get your furry friend a light up dog collar

During the winter, we have to look after ourselves a little more. So, what we normally do is buy a new winter-coat, we buy some nice warm boots, and we make sure that our house stays nice and toasty. Last year, I’ve also started to pay more attention to my dog during the winter. In previous years, he did not want to go outside when it was cold. Last year, I’ve bought him a nice waterproof winter coat. This worked a treat. It kept him warm during the winter, and he actually wanted to go on walks again in the winter. I’ve also purchased some dog shoes for him. Dog paws are incredibly sensitive. When it’s freezing, their paws can do with some extra protection. As a result of all these accessories, I’m now frequently taking my dog for a walk. But now I’ve noticed that my dog is hardly visible in the dark. So now I’m looking for ways to make him visible. Retro-reflective panels could do the job, but I think that I will go with a light up dog collar.

The best option

You can use various products to make your dog more visible. You can hang a special dog collar light on the collar of your dog. This works, but these lights are often very fragile. They are made to last multiple months in the winter. You can also buy a retro reflective collar. But this will only work when light shines on your dog’s collar. So whenever my dog will come from the side, he will still be invisible. Therefore, I’ve chosen to buy him a light up dog collar, and I have multiple reasons to buy this.

The benefits of a light up dog collar

Firstly, a light up dog collar is the most sustainable. It will likely last multiple winters. A light up dog collar is much stronger than a small light. I can also never forget the collar. Secondly, the collar will radiate a lot more light. This makes him much more visible to others. This is the most important part, really. Your dog has to be visible in the dark. This will otherwise create dangerous situations. Lastly, I think a light up dog collar is plainly very cool. So there you have it. My dog is fully equipped and completely ready to take on the winter. He will be really enjoying his walks this year!