Great Choices of Sequin Suits and Blazers

For some occasions, men should wear something special. Special event such as gala dinner or other special invitation may require men to pay more attention to their fashion. It can be handled by choosing suitable suits to wear. Because it is for special occasion, the suit should be special and nice collections of Sequin suits for men, Angelino – Los Angeles can become great references. Various designs of luxurious and attractive suits for men are available and these are more than enough to upgrade the appearance and bring the style to the higher level.

Various models can be found, and one of them is the collections of suits with the theme of snake. Prom suite with model of Python 2 becomes one of the choices. It has iconic pattern of python. It has color combination of brown and gold with glossy finishing. There black and white lines to shape imitate the pattern of python leather. The details are fantastic. Next, there is Sequin suit with the model of S. Snake. This has V-neck design and the snake pattern is more sophisticated that the previous one. It has darker shade of color with combination of white, brown, and black with various lines to shape the pattern of snake leather. Third choice is the prom suit of Python Gold. As its name shows, it has dominant shade of gold color. It looks attractive with large shape of iconic pattern of python leather. Instead of one color, it has combination of both gold and silver.

Then, Sequin collections for suits still have more choices. For example, there is luxurious tuxedo. The suit is very suitable for someone who loves dominant color of black. It does not have complicated design. In fact, the whole tuxedo and its trouser ha black color with the shiny finishing. It looks stylish and glamorous at the same time. For someone who wants to stand out with unique color, there is Sequin suit in violet. It has violet color as the dominant part with some parts with black color. It is similar to the tuxedo in term of its finishing where it has layer of glimmering finishing showing its luxurious look.

In addition to various designs and models of suits, there are collections of blazers. Vast variations of sequin blazers for men, Angelino – Los Angeles can be found. First, there is golden black long jacket. This is long jacket with random pattern. The pattern is colored in shiny gold and black color although the golden touches are more dominant in the long jacket. It is nice choice to show the real definition of classy and luxurious style. Next, there is red/blue long jacket. It is similar to the golden black long jacket in which it has two main colors that can be seen from the blazers. The dominant color is blue. This is nice choice of blue because it looks like dark blue, but it has sharp color. As for the red color, it is found in the area of arms and random parts on the whole long jacket.