Great Fanny Packs The Way You Need

The the rock fanny pack  is a very personal fashion accessory that reveals the style and personality of the wearer. Discreet or eye-catching, big or small, dark or light color, smooth or printed, elegant or informal, they reflect a style and a way of being. The choice of Fanny Pack is not only made by trends or comfort, but other factors such as the time of year, lifestyle, mood also influence. What is the Fanny Pack that goes with you?

Tips for choosing a Fanny Pack according to your body

If in addition to the design you are looking for that favors you, take into account your body and height. Choose a Fanny Pack in harmony with your figure, and balancing the areas of excess and defect with a model of Fanny Pack of the right size.

Pear body (wide hips, small chest)

Your Fanny Pack will be a small Fanny Pack with a short strap that focuses attention on the upper body, achieving balance.

Inverted triangle (narrow hips, large chest)

Your Fanny Pack will be a large Fanny Pack with a long strap to counteract the volume of the hips.

According to your height

If you are tall and thin, choose a large Fanny Pack, with curved shapes and color, it will give you the volume you lack, on the contrary, if you are tall but with curves, choose rectangular Fanny Packs. If you are short, a small Fanny Pack with a short strap will give you proportional to your height and you will gain more height. If you are of medium height choose medium Fanny Packs just below the waist.

A tip: If you do not want to gain extra volume to your figure, choose a Fanny Pack that does not protrude from your shoulders and does not fill the Fanny Pack with things. You can visually lengthen your figure by combining clothes and accessories in the same color, another option is to divert attention from the figure by focusing it on a small-medium Fanny Pack with a striking color.

Tips for choosing a Fanny Pack according to the occasion

Fanny Packs according to personality

The rock fanny pack in neutral, plain or classic design shades and small to medium sizes are the preferred choice of discretion. For the most daring there are Fanny Packs with original shapes and crazy designs with bold colors and patterns.

Fanny Packs according to mood

The choice of Fanny Pack can vary not only depending on the clothes you are wearing but also on your mood. On happy days we tend to wear light and more vivid colors, while at night or on cloudy or sad days it seems that we opt for accessories of darker and more discreet colors.

Fanny Packs according to the time of year

In the months of good weather you want Fanny Packs of light fabrics and bright colors, while in autumn-winter a functional Fanny Pack in a color that can be combined with everything in black, brown, gray.

Fanny Packs according to lifestyle and occasion

It is comfortable and functional for the day, discreet and sober to go to the office, elegant Fanny Packs for parties. For active women who do not stop you take off a medium-sized Fanny Pack to put things, armed and crossed, very functional shoulder Fanny Pack to take to class , at work. At night a smaller Fanny Pack or wallet is more flirtatious and elegant.