How Do You Wear Gothic Makeup Perfectly?

Gothic makeup, as most of us recognize, can be bold and attractive or just dark and harsh. There are generally two styles of Goth make-up: the normal Vampy Goth make-up and one more Charming, a softer and much more sensuous version of the culture.

Let’s see exactly how to do it:

The base makeup is the same for all the looks.


  • Guide


Begin with a primer that will not only make a base for your foundation, also will likewise allow it to go on smooth as well as uniformly.


  • Foundation


Opt for a structure with medium-high coverage and a color lighter than your normal color to create a paler skin. Populate it on your face. Currently, take your favorite sponge or brush and completely mix it in. Ensure you use foundation on your neck also.


  • Concealer


Use a concealer under your eyes and on flaws, like edges of lips, corners of the nose, etc.

  • Powder

Time to establish your structure with a powder. Take a huge cozy brush and aficionado your face with it. This establishes your make-up as well as avoids it from looking clamber. Dust a little white powder to produce a much more dramatic gothic look.

  • Eye Brows

Complete your eyebrows following your natural eyebrow shape


  • Lips


Lips are highly emphatic as well as sophisticated in Goth make-up. Outline the lips meticulously with a darker tone lip lining and fill in with a color lighter. With dark colored lips, it is essential to be extremely specific when drawing a line. You can go for ombre lips too.


  • Highlighting as well as Contour


Contouring and highlighting produce a sense of equilibrium, including meaning to your makeup with color. Take a matte bronzer as well as use it under your cheekbones to contour. And to bronze, just put it anywhere the sun can naturally hit. Highlighting and contouring work with each other. As an example, when you contour your cheeks, you apply contour in the hallow location as well as highlight the apples. You likewise highlight the eyebrow bone to open up the eye and offer deepness to the fold location.


  • Cheeks


Roll on your brush on your favorite cozy blush and sweep on your cheeks for a beautiful flush of color. Blend outwards.