How to be a fashion expert?

  1. Get a hold of the terminology 

I believe this is the most important step in learning about fashion. Fashion has an entire vocabulary of its own! There’s a lingo in regards to fabric and styles that plays a major role in understanding apparel and how they work. 

  1.  Fashion magazines

There are heaps of fashion magazines out there to dig your head into. Shall we look at some of the leading ones? Haper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue…I could go and on! If you want to be up to speed on the latest trends and design, then make these magazines your holy Bible.

  1. Stay updated on trends 

Trends don’t work for everyone and it’s important to find your own style but if you want to be a fashion connoisseur, then knowing the latest trends, no matter how outlandish they may seem is pivotal. Get learning.

  1. Fashion shows 

There are a multitude of haute couture brands that stage fashion shows around the world. Every year, designers incorporate new themes and designs. Watch the shows and read up on fashion inspirations.

  1. Become your own fashionista 

If you’re going to be studying fashion, you may as well start walking the talk! Create your individual style. It doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. Just learn to dress smart and be impeccable. You can draw attention to yourself just by changing your appearance. 

  1. Social influence 

We live in the world of showbiz and as such, there are many celebrities and models who have a carefully curated wardrobe. You can take a leaf out of their book in your study. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest showcases fashion that makes it easily accessible. 

  1. Be a window shopper

Get out there and start looking at clothes. You could frequent malls, boutiques and showrooms atleast a few times in a month to stay within the loop. 

  1. Fashion journal 

This is something of a project for fashion diploma students. It’s like having your own diary, except this will include all things fashion-related. You can stick pictures, revamp styles by sketching on top of them and draw illustrations. Think outside the book. 

  1. Think high end fashion 

Quality clothing may be pricey but they have a list of benefits. They’re made of superior material and intrinsically last longer. If you want to invest in fashion, you may as well hunt for something exclusive like Hermes, Yohji Yamamoto Montreal and Burberry