How to choose the best Diamonds for your diamond Jewelry?

Today’s society has different standards or criteria for classification. The fashion industry has revolutionized the society and has emerged as an important criterion of classification thereby classifying people according to their different fashion choices. 

Different people, especially women, have different choices of fashion. Some women are fond of expensive clothes, some are fond of expensive footwear, while others may love wearing jewelry especially diamond jewelry.

Diamonds are the favourites of all. No matter what everyone is fond of diamonds and loves wearing them. Diamonds are expensive and hence difficult to afford by everyone. 

Diamond stones are designed for making different types of jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces and many more. The large variation of diamond jewelry available in the market costs differently depending upon the design, size, and shape of the jewelry. 

Being expensive and out of reach of many, the exact same but fake diamond Jewellery are also available in the market. One buying any diamond Jewellery should know how to identify the real ones from the fake one. 

How to determine real diamonds from fake ones?

Different online website, as well as offline stores, invest in the selling or buying of diamond jewellery in order to earn huge money. They provide certification explaining the authenticity of diamond jewelry being sold by them. But should one trust them blindly? 

Even though they are selling real diamonds but there is nothing bad to be sure about it. 

There are few ways, commonly referred to as hacks, to find about the authenticity of diamonds, whether it’s fake or real. 


  • Water Test – 


Diamonds are the high-density stones and hence can be tested in water. If placed inside a glass of water the diamond sinks it’s a real one and if it floats it’s a fake one.


  • Heating – 


Heating is one another strong test for verifying the diamonds. On usual heating, if the stone used in the making of the jewellery starts shacking, it’s a fake stone as diamonds don’t melt on usual heating. 


  • Finishing and Design – 


Jewellery made up of diamonds are highly finished and have a fine design. Look for Jewelleries with a fine design and finish. 


  • U.V light test – It is a common test


Try putting your jewellery in the U. V light for a while. The emission of blue glow from the stones of the jewellery confirms that the diamonds used are original. 

Above are the basic methods that can be used by the buyer before buying any diamond jewellery or even by the seller so at to check the originality of the diamonds before making their jewellery to be sold to their customers. 


Every dealer or seller should concentrate on the authenticity and originality of their diamonds being sold by them to their customers. For example, if I being a diamond dealer want to sell my diamond ring online or any other diamond jewellery or even on offline stores, I use real quality of stones in order to avoid complaints from my customers regarding the bad quality of diamonds being sold to them.