How to keep your sporty kid winter ready

Children are prone to catching colds and fevers during winter. Also, they are less likely to be aware or realize that they are getting cold! This means parents cannot compromise on keeping their children protected and warm; however, that doesn’t mean we will need to give up on fashion. Many awesome winter wear collections are charming, not too cold, not too hot, and are just right. Hence begin the search for the right outfits for your kids to make them winter-ready.

Dress for the weather

The most important part of dressing your kids in winter is to learn to layer them properly. You can make harsh winter more convenient for kids by putting them in soft winter wear fabric. Generally, kids should wear an extra layer compared to adults, the top layer being the jacket or a sweater which can be taken off in case it’s hot.

Base layer

The base layer of kids’/boys shirts works best if its fabric is wool or synthetic fibre. The primary focus of this layer is to wick away the moisture. Best example-


This part-cotton, the part-polyester long-sleeve t-shirt is perfect for the base layer of kids. This ultra soft Jersey will keep your child comfortable and cosy throughout the season. This casual wear also has this house mark Levi logo to build a fashion statement. Its tagless neck offers first free wear, making it a fit for winter.

Additional layer

The second layer is usually to offer insulation. It’s best when these fabrics are made of wool, fleece, or down. Best pick-


The super soft full zip micro fleece fabric jacket is perfect for warmth and insulation in winter. It has long sleeves and a stand collar for cosiness. You will also find two side seam pockets to keep your hands warm. The zipper closure, dropped-back hem, and colour block body panel with a sportswear logo at the chest will give your child a handsome look.



It is hard to layer up your kids when it comes to bottoms; hence make sure you choose one which is warm in itself. These Jordan Jumpman boys jogger pants are made with style and insulation, especially for winter. The elastic waistband, two side pockets, and ribbed ankle curves make it more convenient. Also, it has a camo print with multiple Jumpman classic logos printed at the front for a sporty look.

Whether your kids are going out to play in the snow or for a game of late evening football, these winter wears by Rookie India will retain the style and warmth that your child needs.