How to Match Sunglasses to Your Face 

There are two reasons why it is important to match sunglasses properly to your face; the first of these is that sunglasses need to be comfortable when you wear them, and the other is that sunglasses need to look good when paired with your specific face shape. 

It might sound surprising, but the expensive name brand sunglasses are not the way to go about this. What you want is a diversity of frame and lens styles to choose from. Moreover, when you buy a pair of name brand designer sunglasses, you are not actually paying for the best fit – but the brand. Expensive designer sunglasses such as Ray Bans rely on things like celebrity endorsements and the price tag for their appeal. 

The situation changes when we consider wholesale sunglasses. Sunglasses distributor Olympic Eyewear say that it is precisely the variety of assorted stylesthat come with each bulk order that allows for some real mixing and matching. When you are met with a rack full of such sunglasses, you will have a range of lens types and frame shapes to choose from, and the low price means that you can try out several different kinds until you reach the ones which fit your face perfectly. 

A Word About Quality

A common misconception about sunglasses is that the low price reflects poorly on the quality. This is far from the case. The materials involved in constructing a pair of sunglasses are not expensive for the manufacturer and, as mentioned, the reason name brand designer sunglasses are so popular is precisely because of the name brand. With inexpensive bulk designer sunglasses, there is also simply more to choose from.

Men and Women

To get on now to the how of matching a pair of sunglasses to your face, it isworth noting that gender plays a key role here. There are men’s sunglasses and women’s sunglasses partly because of the differences between men’s and women’s fashion, but also because of the bone structure differences between men’s and women’s faces. Accordingly, the first step to finding the perfect pair for your face is to look within the right type of sunglasses. 

However, there is such a thing as unisex sunglasses and, in rare cases, you might even find that your face fits the sunglasses marketed towards the opposite gender. So, in the interests of narrowing down what can be a pretty tricky search, this is the best place to begin. 

Paring Sunglasses to Your Face 

To make things a bit simpler, it’s wise to consider the four main face shapes. These are square, round, heart-shaped,and oval. Your face might not match to these shapes exactly, but you should be able to find the one that is the closest match. 

For those with oval faces, you could well be in luck. Oval faces tend to match with most frame shapes and lenses, perhaps avoiding only very narrow frames. Round faces are those which are not very strongly defined. Consequently, square or rectangular frames will make the face look stretched and more defined, and this is the best bet. For heart-shaped faces, you should go with the sunglasses with larger lenses – such as aviators – as this can balance out the forehead and the pointed chin. Finally, for those with a square face, the opposite of the round face applies, and round lenses will even out the sharp contours of the rest of the face. 

All of this, however, is but a guide. Bring a friend with you, make use of a mirror, and try on all the styles on the rack.