How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a wonderful way to add length and beauty to your natural lashes. Have you seen influencers, models, or celebrities with long, thick lashes? Chances are these are extensions!

Having eyelash extensions put on can be costly at times, but the results are worth the price. It’s important, however, to provide proper eyelash extension care to your lashes if you want them to last you as long as possible. Improper care can lead to las becoming damaged or falling off before they should.

Continue reading the guide below to learn how to take care of eyelash extensions!

Avoid Lash Curlers

As much as you love your mechanical eyelash curler, it’s not something you want to use on your eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, mechanical eyelash curlers can cause an indentation in the eyelashes that won’t go away. You also risk the chance of damaging them. 

If you must use a curler on your extensions, then the best bet is to use a heated eyelash curler that isn’t mechanical. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid curlers altogether. 

Keep Water Off Them for 48 Hours

The glue that holds the extensions in place will need up to 48 hours to set. Because of this, it’s a good idea to avoid any moisture around the eyes during this time. Do your best to avoid wearing too much eye makeup during these 48 hours. 

This will prevent you from having to wash your eyes. When washing your face, wash around the eyes and use an oil-free makeup remover or face cleanser. There are eyelash extension cleansers you can purchase as well. 

These cleansers will provide your lashes with a thorough clean without ruining your extensions. 

Brush Them Occasionally 

You’ll want to brush your eyelash extensions on a regular basis to prevent them from tangling. You don’t want to brush them too often, though. Brushing them too often can cause some extensions to fall out. 

Instead, try to brush them only as needed. Once you feel some of the extensions tangling or sticking together, you can use clean spoolies to gently brush through them. 

Don’t Pull or Rub

One of the last tips to remember is to not pull or rub the extensions. You’ll most likely need touch-ups every two weeks. Between touch-ups, it can be tempting to pull or rub your lashes.

Pulling at or rubbing your false lashes can result in damaging both your extensions and your real lashes. If too many lashes are missing when you return for your touch-up, your lash tech might even have to charge you extra, so be sure not to lose any extensions. 

Sleeping with a satin pillowcase can also help prevent extensions from falling out. 

Keep These Tips in Mind When Considering Eyelash Extension Care

When planning proper eyelash extension care, be sure to keep these tips in mind. Following all of the tips listed above is the best way to ensure your eyelash extensions last as they should. 

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