Learn How to Wear Pearl Jewelry for an Occasion

Pearl necklaces are mostly worn on traditional occasions and informal settings. In this article, we are going to talk about wearing pearl necklaces on casual outfits for office days, formal events, business meetings and date night.

Depending on the type of pearl jewellery

Pearl in the form of a pendant

A large sized pearl pendant is perfect for a suit and with a date-night dress. Pendants are considered to be less conservative as compared to a complete strand of pearls. Click here to look at more info on wearing pearls in the right way.

Pearls paired with diamonds

A mesmerizing combination of pearls with diamond is the best way to impart a gorgeous look for any evening party like weddings. The way a woman wears it depends on her personal style. It is more like a style statement to her.

Long pearl strands

To wear classy pearl jewellery is a moment of privilege and pride for several women of different age groups. This is another less conservative and remarkable accent piece.

Large pearls

Pearls have an important place when it comes to defining classic jewelry. These jewellery pieces look a little stodgier, they artificial too. As a general rule, the older you get, the larger should be the size of pearls that you should wear.

According to the office time

Jewellery pieces made from Akoya pearls is one such versatile jewelry piece that looks best on all skin tones and attires. It also provides a wide range of styling options to choose from. It is one of those few pearls that have always been known for their perfection, uniqueness, and preciousness.

For typical 9 to 5 job, wear formal attire with a white colored shorter length Akoya pearl necklace in single strand. Pair your necklace to the outfit in such a way that it looks understated enough so that your outfit doesn’t look busy.


Before you plan to wear a jewellery, you need to first learn about pearls. Hope the above information has equipped you with relevant information to wear pearls at different events.