Pearl Necklace Layering Tips for Modern and Elegant Look

Pearls look more stylish when they are stringed in many layers. Pearl layering is the latest trend that conveys a sizzling sophistication statement. A century ago, pearl layers were right for galas, benefits, black tie events and upscale social affairs. However, today they are even suitable for toned down events. You can layer them with work outfit and casual attire or anywhere to look just dazzling.

Wrapping a long pearl necklace couple of times gives a layered look. You can even layer pearl rings or pearl bracelets. It is a fun thing. The real beauty associated with pearls is that they are timeless and powerful.

Pearl necklace layering tips

  • Blend three metal chains of gradual length with a single pearl necklace longer than these chains. It will offer you a refined look on casual days as well as at workplace, dates and parties. You can wear this form with V-necklines, turtle necks, and button up shirts.
  • Pearls are available in variety of colors and shades. You can add pink pearl strands with multiple white pearl strands to get a remarkably feminine look.
  • For street smart look, choose pearl choker and layer with long pearl strands. It looks great, when accessorized with strapless dress or off-shoulder tops and jeans.
  • Even diamonds can be used to layer with pearls. Cubic zirconia makes a highly stylish statement and is ideal for glamorous affair. Evening gowns can get enhanced by connecting a diamond brooch with multiple pearl strands or other necklace types for an incredible stylish mix.

The number of pearl layers to wear depends on the kind of look you aim to attain. If you plan to look elegant and glamorous keep the number down to five. For flashy and bolder look prefer more beads, pearls, other gemstones and metals.

There are no specific rules about layering necklaces. You can combine pearls with contrasting metals or consider the cut of your top or combine odd number multiples. The only thing that matters is you must feel good. Pearl layers of minimum three look elegant.

Pearl layering is a notable fashion statement!