Perfect Choice for the Blackout Tattoo Choice

Among the many trends in the subject of tattoos, for some time there has been a decidedly interesting new one, the tattoo blackout. The popularity of all black tattoos is born on Instagram and the tattoo blackout has quickly become a fashion theme and loved by tattoo enthusiasts. Some classic tattoo lovers think this new black theme is ugly, others think it’s an original and particularly interesting idea.

Certainly it is a tattoo suitable for everyone, but only recommended for a few daredevils who are ready to cover an abundant part of leather with only black. This type of tattoo is popular with both men and women and to choose it is enough that you like it. With the Fine Line tattoos you can choose the Aureo Roma Tattoo & Gallery.

Blackout tattoo: some ideas

Tattoo experts are able to create decorations and designs with simple shapes filled in only black. For this it is necessary to contact a really experienced tattoo artist with a strong imagination. The geometric and stylized shapes, the angular decorations and the spirals are the favorite themes for a tattoo blackout.

Often those who decide to cover an old tattoo, perhaps very elaborate, choose the theme of the tattoo blackout to hide that old and hated memory forever. Sometimes the blackout tattoos are also loved by those who want to highlight a part of the body, such as the chest, the breast, the buttocks or a muscle. It’s up to you to choose how to interpret the all-black tattoo theme.

Our advice

If you are thinking about the tattoo blackout, you should know that it is a very painful tattoo and that it has a very long lead time. Tattoo of this type can trigger allergic reactions because black is a color that, if used in large quantities, could be harmful. Furthermore, they are not recommended for subjects who are wearing skin or who are subject to the development of moles.

Covering the moles is absolutely not advisable because serious pathologies could appear without it being possible to visit them. Finally we advise you to always choose a trained tattoo artist who has a study in accordance with the law. Avoid relying on inexperienced hands.

Is tattooing a fashion or a taboo? This phenomenon, which has now become mass, has taken on different meanings throughout history and opinions on this are still disparate. Among the most curious negative attributions we certainly find the tattoo in the world, Circus up to even the crime. But let’s go in order, explaining the evolution of human thought over the years.

Tattoo sailor

The Tattoo for Sailors consisted purely in returning to the port after a long journey with something representative or even purely ornamental. Tattoos were usually poor in detail and extremely basic with thick lines, only blacks and later with primary colors. Today we know them as “Flash Tattoo” belonging to the Traditional style (old School).