Post Quarantine Shoes Trends Everyone Should Know About

COVID-19 has altered and affected the lives of everyone. Most people are compelled to work from home, maintain social distancing, and be careful about their hygiene. Everyone is adapting to a low-key way of life. Clothing and footwear choices have also changed during this period. Convenience has become a critical preference. Let us take a look at the post quarantine shoes trends everyone should know about.

  1. Sneakers

Although sneakers have always been in fashion, it is one of the chief post quarantine shoes trends. It would be best if you had a great pair of solid sneakers in your wardrobe as you can team it with a wide variety of outfits. They look good with dresses, shorts, and jeans.

You can find them in vibrant colours that will make your day brighter and more cheerful. You can also experiment with printed sneakers for a fun and sporty look. They are super comfortable and stylish.

  1. Slippers

Although slippers are incredibly comfortable, no one wears them to work. With the quarantine, wearing slippers at work has become the new normal as most people are working from home. Therefore, slippers are one of the hottest post quarantine shoes trends.

You can find a wide variety of slippers in the market, such as moccasins, sandals, and scuff slippers. You can wear them both indoors and outdoors. They are versatile and fashionable.

  1. Sandals

High heels have become irrelevant in the quarantine as women are looking for comfort. Sandals with mid heels or no heels will trend post quarantine. Sandals with a stacked, kitten, or wedged heel will be a post quarantine shoes trend. You can wear them to parties and events without feeling uncomfortable.

For casual outings, flat sandals will be the first choice of women. They are available in several styles such as Slip-on, T-strap, and gladiator sandals. You can wear them with both Western and Indian outfits.

  1. Birkenstock

You will notice plenty of women wearing Birkenstock shoes post quarantine. This iconic footwear merges function and style effortlessly. Birkenstock sandals are comfortable, backless, and easy to slip-on. These sandals have three straps with braces or buckles that connect them across your foot.

Although Birkenstock sandals originated in the late 1700s, they have gained a lot of popularity during the quarantine owing to their comfort and laid-back nature.

  1. Loafers

Loafers do not have a fastening or lacing system. You can easily slip them on when you are working out to work for an event. Due to their comfort and comfort of wearing, loafers are one of the post quarantine shoes trends for both men and women.

Apart from comfort, they are extremely versatile. You can choose between penny loafers, Gucci loafers, tassel loafers, and moc loafers.

So these are the most popular post quarantine shoes trends everyone should know about. The best thing about fashion is that it adapts and changes with time. Fashion after quarantine is low-key and high on comfort. Try out these five types of footwear to stay fashion-forward. Visit Mochi Shoes right away and shop for the style that appeals to you the most. Step out in style in your favourite shoes.