Steampunk Pocket Watches

Steampunk is a vast movement, in which classical pocket watches possess apart, which is rather an important one its fashion is now reviving and people who are a fan of retro accessories are trying to get hold of as many vintage things as they can (and those things include a number of pocket watches).  

Like in today’s world watches gives a good impression about a person, in the same way having a pocket watch in the 19th century was a symbol of status. In those days, if a person carried a pocket watch valued time and was either very wealthy or came from a rich family whose heirloom he owned, i.e. the pocket watch. They were made up of expensive metal like gold silver or brass and sometimes they were also made up of simple metal like iron or steel. Pocket watches were incredibly popular in Victorian times as the idea of wrist watches was not there yet.  

Pocket watches were originally made in the 16th century in Europe but they fully came into use at the beginning of the 20th century, in the era of steam engines. As the making of railroads was on its peak, it was necessary to keep the track of the time and so the popularity of pocket watches. People considered pocket watches so important that Levi Strauss (the father of jeans) even made a small pocket in front of the jeans just for people to keep their pocket watches in them (shocking!!).  

Pocket watches come in many different sizes and styles like carved wooden watches, metal watches, gold ones, vintage watches, personalized watches, silver ones, etc. some of these types of watches are:

  • Mudder Classic Vintage Smooth Pocket Watch: this is probably the most common pocket watch but still is on the top of the list because of its simple and elegant look. It is not expensive or fancy; it’s just a classy silver watch.
  • Charles Hubert Paris 3900-W Classic Pocket Watch Collection: it is a classic Parisian inspired watch and is slimmer than other pocket watches. However, they are a bit expensive than other watches.
  • ManChDa Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watch: an open skeleton watch, with all the inside gears visible. So cool, right? It is covered with glass instead of any metal and the glass makes it so delicate that there is no watch to compete with it.
  • Music Pocketwatch ‘For a Few Dollars More’: this watch is truly an amazing piece of artistry; it’s a watch by Clint Eastwood and its specialty is that it plays the entire song from the movie “For A Few Dollars More”, and you can also paste a picture on its flap. The watch is not expensive but is, however, really remarkable.
  • AMPM24 Skeleton Steam Train Copper Pocket Watch: this watch has a steam train carved on its copper flap (a watch can’t be any more steampunk). It got a classical watch inside. It’s one of the oldest and truest representatives of Steampunk Desk, one of the most affordable watches ever.