Struggling With Hair Loss – PRP Treatment is The Solution You Require!

Stopping hair loss is easier than reversing hair loss. Once it reaches the advanced stages and you’ve already lost hair follicles, no cosmetic procedure can bring back the non-existent follicles anymore. Does it mean you should get depressed yet? Well, if you still have hair left and you’ve not gone completely bald, then, we’d say, you shouldn’t lose hope. Procedures like PRP hair restoration will give you back the thick hair you once had.

Wondering what it is and how does it helps with hair loss? You’ve landed on the right page, Sirs and Madams! Hang on tight and skim through until the very end to find out what PRP is and the many benefits of PRP hair restoration at Clinique Anti Aging.

What’s This New PRP Technique That Has Reformed Hair Restoration?

PRP hair restoration is an advanced medical procedure that works towards strengthening hair roots, preserving hair follicles, and triggering the growth of new hair strands.

Expanded as platelet-rich plasma, PRP aims at extracting platelets from the blood of the patient. Much like a regular blood test, a doctor will take out blood from your hand. That blood will then be centrifuged since that’s the safest way to carefully extract platelets from the blood.

The platelets will be injected inside the scalp of the patient (the area that’s losing hair). Once the pure platelets are inserted, they begin the process of hair restoration in the following ways.

  • The growth hormones in the platelets are promptly released.
  • The growth hormones begin the regrowth cycle, bringing back the lost hair strands.
  • Platelets activate collagen too. Did you know that collagen is the body’s natural protein that makes healthy cells?
  • Once collagen becomes strong and active, it starts making the skin cells of the scalp healthy. This, in turn, makes hair roots very strong.

Overall, PRP works in two ways: growth hormones start making new strands and collagen starts making the hair roots stronger. This double action shows tremendous results and you get your lost hair thickness back.

Where to Get PRP Done?

This is the choice that will make all the difference in the end. If you want optimum results, not suffer from any side effects, and not lose your money for nothing, you have to choose the skin and hair care clinic very carefully.

It’s advised to take an aid of services provided at centers that employ some of the most experienced dermatologists. For instance, if you’re in Montreal, clinics like Clinique Anti Aging are the best. The doctors here combine PRP with laser sittings so that the effects are even more dramatic.

To sum up, when you have the hands of experienced professionals taking care of the hair loss problem, you’ll most certainly defeat hair loss!