1. Merrell ‘Tetrex Crest Wrap’ Beach Shoes.

These mens beach shoes are perfect for hiking through streams and rivers.  It has a quick-drying neoprene lining and a sturdy construction

  1. Adidas Outdoor ‘Jawpaw 2’ Water Shoe

These men’s beach shoes are perfect for jogging in the morning on the beach. They possess an exceptional drainage system, a quick-drying mesh upper, and they provide excellent foot support.

  1. C9 Champion ‘Titus’ Water Shoes

These fashionable and straightforward slip-ones are ideal and beautiful for a weekend at the river or the lake. It does well by keeping your feet from dirt and other debris at bay. The durable plastic soles make the shoes great and nice for dry land activities.

  1. Speedo Surf Knit Water Shoes

The outsoles of these Speedos provides and give some serious grip on wet surfaces, which makes them well-suited to stand or to surf-up paddle boarding.

  1. Z-Joyee Quick-dry Aqua Socks

Don’t allow the word “socks” to deceive or distract you — these things are sturdy. It is made with a very thick and extra sole, durable stretch upper and unique wear-resistant technology; these men beach shoes are sure to make you comfortable at any event you go out for.

Essential Men Summer Shoes.


There are numbers of numerous styles of loafer, which gives the perfect gentleman a nice speck to choose from based on their attire that day.

The beautiful and best thing about loafers is that it provides a cool summer look that can be used with both business and casual- appropriate attire. This makes it one of the most inconstant shoes for men during summer, and it’s a shoe every man must-have.

Boat Shoes.

The boat shoes is one of the most prominently and popular shoes seen mostly in summer resort towns. It’s worn generally without socks and they’re made from suede, leather and even canvas. They make use of a non-slip sole with a unique lacing system and a water resistance uppers.

Driving Mocs.

The driving moc is not an original moccasin but new derivations by Diego Della Vale from Tod’s from Italy. Driving moc is widely known by the knobs that show through the sole of the shoe. Then, driving moc were worn by men as a shoe in their car to keep the interior of the cabin free from dirt that will be brought by their outdoor shoes.

Presently, these shoes are men summer shoe; they are worn barefoot with everything from casual trousers to shorts. Unlike the loafer, they are more relaxed and not so beautiful and well made, so they shouldn’t be worn with a business suit, but it work best and well with casual wear for a stroll or a day of shopping.

Men’s summer shoes are a beautiful and lovely addition to your wardrobe and make your outfits special and unique.  If you are just building your shoe closet, it’s OK to wear your regular black dress shoes, but be very sure to dress them up with socks or shoelaces or to create a summery look.