The Ethnic Fusion Look For Parties With The Kurti

The traditional Indian kurti is such a versatile piece of garment that it can be worn to any occasion, can be fashioned by any woman, and yet ends as the perfect choice for all body types. Be it a festive occasion, a little get-together at home, any other day to work or a full-on party with friends – the kurti is like an evergreen partner that has vowed to keep you looking all decked and pretty.

The reason many women ignore this particular piece of clothing is because they find the kurti monotonous and not so stylish compared to dresses or jumpsuits or other modern pieces. This is because we usually style it in one boring way alone. We usually restrict styling the kurti with leggings and jeans, and accessorize it with either a dupatta or some earrings to go with it or both, and nothing more. 

When it comes to parties, the overall look needs to be somewhat exciting and unique. This can be suitably done with the kurti, which can be styled in an ethnic fusion look with just the right accessories and style tips. Let’s see how.

Wear it as a dress

There are kurtis without side slits that can be worn without a dress, making them an absolute favourite for any kind of party. This is because kurtis have an ethnic touch, with ethnic prints, embroidery, designs and brocade, and this is something that would definitely stand out amidst a crowd of LBDs and crop tops. Just remember to tie the look with a great belt and maybe a tiara tying together your loose curls, and be ready to slay!

With the dhoti pant

One of the top party anthems a few years back had the protagonist in this iconic look. The dhoti pants have been in vogue for quite some time now, but keep moving in and out of the trend charts often. Nevertheless, an awesome party with friends would be just the perfect time to revive the magic of the dhoti pant – kurti look. The overall look is truly a product of ethnic and modern fusion, and lends a playful vibe to your character.

You could choose to go for a short kurti or even a waist-length tunic for this purpose. This is because you would want to flatter the balloon shape of the dhoti pant, wouldn’t you? The look is really iconic and can be boosted with playful curls for the hairstyle. Besides, this look can be accessorized in so many ways that it is difficult to restrict yourself to just one or two options. Since it is a party you are going to, we wouldn’t recommend heavy jewellery. Instead, go for a statement ring and bracelets to keep the look minimal yet chic.

With the sharara

This might sound a little unconventional for a party, but trust us when we say that this is one look that can make heads turn on the dance floor for you. The sharara has been playing on the fashion cards for a long time now, having come into limelight through Bollywood. Timeless, elegant yet platful, the sharara has been worn by women since good old times. This does not, however, restrict it from being a rage in the fashion game, and an absolute favourite when it comes to the party night.

The best part about the look is the enviable silhouette it creates, with the fitted kurti and the loose sharara. This look is not completely ethnic alone, but provides a modern twist along. You could try mixing and matching with different lengths of the kurti and notice how the look changes each time. Besides, you have the option of making the look seem even trendier with the right accessories. Remember, at a party you do not want any extra fuss because of heavy accessories. Remember to keep them minimal, yet statement pieces.

The Asymmetrical Look

Parties are all about being bold and expressive. The asymmetrical look would be the perfect choice for a party, combined with the right accessories. You can only imagine the funkiness of your look when you combine the element of asymmetry with bold and interesting patterns and lovely accessories. For the bottoms, you could pair it up with something like a pair of culottes for an extra element of interesting layering, or you could choose to go for denim shorts. Sounds like a quirky combination, but is quite the ideal look for a party night.

With the upcoming festive season and the queue of special night – outs scheduled with friends, there is definitely going to be one thought on everyone’s minds – what to dress up in. you are definitely someone who wishes to stand out of the crowd and make heads turn with your unique look. The kurti, that can be styled in a number of great ways, would be the perfect way to end up at a party and make people go gaga over your look. The rest would be history!