Things To Know About Cashmere Scarves And Shawls

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Cashmere wool being one of the softest yarns known to man, it is used in luxury apparel. Particularly, Cashmere shawls and scarves from reputed stores like Oats and Rice have been gaining popularity. Being lightweight and warm, this material gives a cozy feeling during harsh winters. However, it is important to take good care of this delicate material.

Here are certain facts you might not have known about Cashmere scarves and shawls.

  • Cashmere comes from a goat that thrives in India, Mongolia, China and Iran, besides some other countries. This type of wool cannot be sheared off the goats. Instead, the material has to be combed off. The process is time-intensive and difficult, making Cashmere one of the most expensive yarns.
  • Although Cashmere is scarce, it can be knitted or woven into different kinds of garments. The feeling is as soft as feather, and in the winters, the material delivers good warmth. Besides Cashmere scarves and shawls, you can buy other clothing accessories like jackets and sweaters too.
  • Presently, Cashmere is considered to be a luxury textile, as evident from its price. When you make the purchase, buy it from one of the reputed stores to ensure quality and originality.
  • As a clothing material, Cashmere is non-itchy. This is due to the bumpy shape of the fibers. These fibers cling to one another, rather than remaining straight. Therefore, Cashmere scarves and shawls give a pleasing sensation against your skin. This makes Cashmere scarves suitable for both children and adults.
  • Cashmere shawls and scarves can be dyed. While the material is delicate, the advent of sophisticated technology has eased up the dying process significantly. Dyed products, of course, are more expensive. Besides, Cashmere wool being scarce, the prices remain high throughout the year.

For genuine Cashmere scarves and shawls, visit one of the reputed online stores. Check out the latest collection online and get these scarves customized for yourself.