Thinking About the Groom’s Attire for his Wedding

Just as important as a bride getting the wedding dress she has dreamed of is a groom getting his outfit right for the wedding. It is a mistake to stereotype men into not caring what they look like on their big day, this is just as much his day as hers after all. If you are not familiar with formal attire though it can be confusing as to what you need to look at so here are some useful tips, thinking about different aspects of the outfit from wedding blazers to shoes.

When shopping for your groom clothes you can choose to go to a shop that specializes in grooms wear, or you can find the right apparel yourself. You will need to think about all the details, from dress shirt, trousers, undershirt, wedding blazers or jacket, tie, shoes and then the right accessories like cuff-links. Before you start looking at options be sure to have talked over with your partner what the theme of the wedding is, what colors you will be looking at, and what look you both want. Keep in mind what would suit you, there is no point in choosing a navy blue if that does not look good with your skin tones. Just as with a bride looking for a dress you should start looking well ahead of the big day.

The suit or tuxedo

The main component of a groom’s wedding attire is trousers and a suit or tuxedo. Some grooms prefer to have a traditional tux with all the trimmings. With one of the stylish wedding blazers they find, with an ascot tie for example. If the wedding is at night wear a black tux, white is not traditionally accepted for night time. Also, a tux is not suitable for before 5 pm.

Shoes to consider

The shoes you wear for your wedding should be something special. Leather is best and a good quality type of shoes rather than a sneaker or casual type shoe. Wingtip shoes are not the best wedding shoe.

Three types of ties

The three typical types of ties worn by grooms are ascot ties, bow ties, and conventional ties. Ascot ties are less formal but still traditional and are not seen commonly so are more special for a wedding. Bow ties are typically chosen and in most cases, these are in black. The groomsmen also will wear bow ties in the same color. A conventional tie is a more convenient option just because men tend to have at least a few already and know how to put them on. These can be worn in whatever color theme the couple has chosen.


Cuff-links are an important part of the groom’s attire and are a requirement if wearing a dress shirt. They can vary in style and look but as a guide, if your wedding is happening during the day, traditionally you should not wear cuff-links made from gold.

Belts versus suspenders

The best belts are made from leather and fit in with the color of the shoes. When wearing a suit the belt goes with the trousers. When a groom wears a tux with their choice of wedding blazers, then suspenders are used.