This Is How to Dress Modestly as a Christian Man


A good Christian man should have some innate qualities that tether his worldly existence to an almighty God. He should be upstanding and just but have a strong will, as others should not have a strong influence over him. Most importantly, a pious man should adhere to a modest, traditional eloquence – a flashy and tacky mystique take away from what maketh man: his character. 

Every fiber of his being – and his clothing – should exude humbleness. For those unfamiliar with the lifestyle, this is a guide on how to dress modestly as a Christian man. 

Finding the Right Balance of Color

There’s a lot that can be said from color; in fact, there’s an entire theory based around its nuances. Picking a color should be as methodical as picking a brand, a style, or anything else. 

Avoid articles of clothing that are flamboyant. Colors that are grabby for attention aren’t indicative of modesty, and they should be avoided. However, a wardrobe shouldn’t be entirely stale – accents of vibrance are fine. 

For instance, avoid a fire red dress shirt, but accent a modest white button-down with a red pocket square or tie. The main articles of clothing should be soft, subtle tones. These include: 

  • A shirt and coat
  • Your trousers and slacks
  • A waist belt
  • The dress shoes

But don’t feel stifled. Use color to complement your modest colors. 

Wearing Appropriate Shoes

A mantra of modesty is “avoid a lot of skin shown.” This is true, even below the ankles. 

A man shouldn’t wear flip-flops or open-toed shoes outside of his domain, this is especially true in a church.

Shoes should be worn that are compatible with socks. Having appropriate socks contributes to a modest lifestyle, as well. A solid-colored sock is best; designed and goofy socks aren’t a cornerstone of modesty. 

While most men should wear a decent pair of dress shoes outside of their home, some aren’t wealthy enough to afford such luxuries. This is fine but stick to clean, formal tennis shoes or other casual wear. 

One shouldn’t spend too much on their footwear, either. Frivolous brandishing of labels and brands isn’t modest – stick to something fashionable, but not something that’s worn to be awed at. 

How to Dress Modestly: Shirts and Pants

To dress modestly, the fit of a garment is supremely important. You should not flaunt your physique or purposefully draw attention to it (or the lack thereof). 

Everything you wear should fit, this is vital when it comes to your pants and shirts. An ill-fit of your button-down and slacks will draw attention to your attire. 

Don’t buy designer trousers or shirts. You should entirely focus on how well they fit on your body. Try avoiding department stores, and instead, shop for men’s Christian clothing here

Cuts that are too short aren’t modest garments. Get them let-out or tailored. 

How Modest Is Your Wardrobe? 

Modesty is a fleeting trait of man. Every Christian man should have this characteristic ingrained in his being. 

How to dress modestly as a Christian revolves around the color of the clothing, picking appropriate footwear, and the fit of garments. Don’t pick a colorful outfit and avoid an ill-fit.

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