Tips to Find the Best Lipstick

The lipstick is an essential accessory in every woman’s purse, and choosing the right lip color is vital. However, many women get frustrated when shopping for cosmetics; hence end up purchasing too light or too dark lip colors.

Some tips on choosing the best lipstick are that can be purchase at

Keep it neutral

The best lip color is the one with half of the shade brighter than your natural lip color. Therefore, depending on the depth of your complexion, this can range from creamy eggplant to peachy brown or rosy pink. However, your neutral lip color should be a different color from your concealer.

Use natural light

Try fresh shades of lip color in the light equivalent to daylight for excellent results. Fluorescent lights don’t depict your actual lip color and will make you opt for one that isn’t quite a good match.

Use your lower lip

Use your lip to guide you while deciding on any lip color. As compared to the upper lip, the lower lip is fuller and more pronounced. Therefore, if the color looks good on your lower lip, it’s an excellent choice.

Take breaks

Once you’ve tried two to three shades of different lip colors, take a break. Your lips are usually stained and somewhat bruised from the multiple lip shades as well as tissue wiping to remove them. Therefore, it’s best to wait and try again after sometime to give the lips a break to return to their natural color.

Flatter your makeup

When shopping for the perfect lip color, keep in mind that the best neutral lip color is the one that looks best to the lips just as an eye shadow draws attention to the eyes. However, subtle coloring is more flattering than bold colors.

Different neutral colors

People are different shades of their natural complexions throughout the seasons. Therefore, you’ll require at least two neutral lip colors since your lip color in winter will differ from the one in summer.

Try something new

To keep up with the growing color trends, apply a thin coat of a seasonal color over the neutral that you usually wear. This layering tactic enables any color you opt for to adjust and work on your coloring.

The above tips will help you to find the best lip colors from neutrals to seasonal favorites and be able to go to your makeup counter with less anxiety. Just as with any makeup routine, finding your best lip colors requires some patience.