Tips to tame the Frizzy hair

It is impossible to untangle, too much volume, too dry. Frizzy hair is often difficult to style. However, with appropriate care, they reveal all their beauty. Here are our tips, to apply daily. When you know what is frizzy hair then you would be looking forward to take care of the situation.

The characteristics of frizzy hair

Naturally very curly, frizzy hair is curly hair, but generally even denser, flattened and not round like curly hair. They are lying along the skull rather than straight. This serves to protect the scalp from the sun. Black women from the Maghreb and the islands know this!

The problems of frizzy hair

In tropical climates, the scalp is constantly moistened, allowing hair to grow and stay healthy. But in temperate countries, like in Europe, the lack of humidity causes a tightening of the pores, concentrating the sebum on the scalp. It suffocates, dehydrates and peels, while the rest of the hair becomes increasingly dry and curly, growing in a spiral, which leads to almost systematic use of hairdressing practices such as straightening or additions, which, in the long run, weaken the hair.

Shampoo for frizzy hair

Fragile and dry, frizzy hair (and afro hair) needs a hair routine and to be washed gently and nourished intensely. Make a shampoo for curly and dry hair, which you will complete with a rich and nutritious conditioner, based on jojoba, safflower or shea.

Massage the hair and rinse with warm water then lukewarm before finishing with a spray of fresh water. This facilitates detangling and shines frizzy hair.

Care for frizzy hair

  • For frizzy hair, suitable hair care is essential.
  • Before shampooing , leave it on for at least half an hour, wrapped in a warm towel for more efficiency.
  • In the event of extreme dryness, keep it overnight and emulsify it under water, upon waking. The locks regain their full vigor.

The Oil-in-Cream treatment for very dry hair, from Elsève Extraordinary Oil, enriched with 6 oils of rare flowers. Specially designed for very dry or curly hair, or even Afro hair, this hair care is a must-have for beauty. It provides lasting nutrition, transforms the hair into a supple and silky material, without weighing it down or greasing it. We also like it for its multi-purpose aspect: on wet hair, to apply to the whole of the hair to nourish it intensely; before brushing, on the lengths and ends, to protect the material from the aggressions of the hair dryer; or as a finishing treatment on the lengths to soften the frizzy hair and facilitate styling, always with a comb with wide teeth. You can try Evening Headscarves for your hair look.

  • Think of palm, jojoba or monoi oils which hydrate and nourish dry and damaged hair. Apply in the evening and leave on overnight. Wash and rinse in the morning: the hair regains vigor and luminosity.
  • Like Moroccan women, use Rassoul. Diluted in water, it forms a kind of mud which foams and absorbs fat. This treatment, practiced since Antiquity by women of the Middle Atlas, restores shine and suppleness to the hair, especially if you have straightened hair or colored hair.