Trendy Soft Throw Designs to Look Out For

The best designs of the year are always available in fall. Autumn sees the arrival of trendy designs for both winter and spring. It is a commencement period for all major design upgrades of the year. You must have already planned how to upgrade your interior décor for winter. After all, you cannot welcome winter with the old décor of summer.

Soft throws blankets are simple yet elegant thin blankets that you can use anywhere in the house. Be it the living room or the patio, and there is no place that a soft throw can’t embrace. This season has seen the arrival of fresh soft throw trends that are here to stay. So, pick up your notepads and get ready to select the best soft throw design for your home this season.

The best soft throw designs for this season

You can never have enough soft throws for your house. There is always a corner that needs extra warmth and cosiness. And it can be possible with the help of a soft and warm throw blanket. You will be spoilt for choice with the large variety of designs that are making rounds this year.

Don’t worry as we will help you select the best soft throw for the current season. We have prepared a list of the trendiest and our most favourite soft throws that are grabbing eyeballs in every house. Get ready for a mild and cosy winter this year with these amazing soft throws given below.

  • Cashmere soft throw blankets with dual-tone print

Cashmere is a soft and cosy material that is also very light. You will feel the warmth of pure cashmere as it traps heat effectively. Imagine sitting by a fireplace with a soft throw blanket wrapped on your shoulders. Isn’t it amazing? Dual-tone prints look good for cashmere blankets as they give it an airy appearance. Consider buying symmetrical prints and straight lines. A good colour combination would be cream and grey.

  • Vibrant coral stripes

Coral shades like rose, flamingo, lemonade, fuchsia, or crepe look gorgeous on soft throws. You can pick the material of your choice for this design. Woollen throw blankets are the perfect material for stripes as you get a rustic vibe. Modern interior décor can easily embrace a vibrant coral shade. You need to decide the colour according to your décor. If you have white walls, corals can accentuate the place. Also, you can make these blankets the centre of attraction in your living room.

  • Oversized snow-texture soft throw blankets

Snow texture will give a rich and luxurious appearance to your living room or bedroom. These are quite expensive as the fur has been created with painstaking precision. White, grey or other such light colours are good for snow-texture blankets. The material can be either mink or faux-fur. Either of them will look good on these blankets. Grey blankets can look good with white décor. But, if you have darker walls in your house, opt for creamier shades like beige or cream.

  • Embossed Sherpa fleece throw blanket 

Sherpa blankets are making waves in the international designers’ community. Many people are willing to spend thousands for a good fleece Sherpa blanket. However, you don’t have to spend thousands to get a designer blanket. You can create your designer blanket by choosing the right colour combination. Rose and wine are good colours. Apart from that, peach and dandelion are good warm colours that can liven up any space.

  • Double-sided microfiber throw blanket in ombre print 

Ombre print is trending all over the world. You can incorporate the design in your décor by choosing a soft microfiber blanket in ombre print. Some gorgeous shades for ombre are indigo and lavender. Even mauve will look good on ombre blankets. Take care of the contrast colours for your blankets and pair them with the walls of your room. You can even put them out on the patio to create a warm corner in the house.

  • Faux Sable fur throw blanket

Thick faux sable blankets can instantly change the overall look of a place. Choose dark or light colours depending on your décor and create a rich and luxurious zone in the house. Shades like burgundy or maple can create a dreamy effect. Lay the soft throws near the fireplace or window and create a cosy corner in the house. Even your pets will love the softness of this blanket! But animal fur can ruin the sable fur blanket, so keep them away from the delicate material.

  • The geometric print is woven soft throws

Geometric prints are great for couches and small chairs. You can also lay them on bean bags for added comfort. Plain couches in the single shade can be enhanced by adding a soft throw in geometric print. Choose vibrant shades for the geometric patterns and make any area in the house pop out. There are no limitations to the material. You can select any material of your choice.

Soft throw blankets are a great way to increase the comfort and cosiness of your spaces. Make your house warm this winter by buying the best soft throw blankets. Read the labels carefully and follow the washing instructions to maintain the quality of your blankets.