Universal Hair Extension Myths Not To Trust

One exciting benefit of human hair extensions is that there are a number of options and varieties available to choose from.

Not to mention the fact that they allow you to experiment with different styles and colors while also covering up thinning hair and adding volume. However, along with the pros come some cons. In some cases, these cons are just misconceptions. And so, we will be busting some of these hair extension myths in this blog.

●     They Are Really Expensive

Do you stop investing because it is steep, or do you keep investing, looking for future gains? In the same manner, hair extensions can no doubt turn out to be slightly high-priced but are worth the quality and looks. That’s not to say they are unaffordable, but they are not cheap either. But again, everything is available in two aspects, and that’s the case with extensions. If you don’t have the budget, you can easily opt for synthetic hair extensions instead which are much more affordable. Additionally, you can also opt for clip in or tape in hair extensions which are much more affordable than the more advanced types of extensions.

●     It Is Damaging

This is probably one of the biggest hair extension myths. If you buy high quality extensions, install them properly and make sure to maintain them gently and carefully, you will suffer no damage whatsoever to your natural hair. Millions of people wear hair extensions around the world, including some of the celebrities you follow on Instagram. If it was really damaging to one’s natural hair, nobody would wear them.

How I Attach My Clip-In Hair Extensions

●     They Limit Hair Growth

Another big myth is when you get hair extensions done, your natural hair will stop growing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They absolutely leave no effect on hair growth, and your hair will continue to grow the way it usually does. If you may not already know, normally, hair grows half an inch every month, and it will keep growing the same way even with extensions.

There is only one correlation between extensions and hair growth which is the support the former provides. If you are eager to have long hair but know that it will take some time or just have trouble in general growing beyond a certain length, extensions are a great choice. Your hair extensions will help you achieve the desired look while your natural hair is still doing its magic.


Hopefully, this blog has summarized the biggest misconceptions surrounding hair extensions so you can confidently make your first purchase and start wearing the hair of your dreams!


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