Unlock Your Passion for Fashion With Myntra Masterclass

Do you feel that there is so much potential in your sense of style, yet you often find yourself wondering how to dress? Or why you never seem to style your favourite clothing, say that graphic-print Game of Thrones hoodie, classic lace blazer or zippered, tan suede boots, right? If you are having these recurring thoughts, you are not making the right fashion choices. However, if you can get the right kind of help, like a professional stylist who can transform you into a swan with just the right style advice and guidance, this problem can be fixed.

Myntra chose to bank upon this idea and came up with a Masterclass Program. “What is Mynta Masterclass”, you ask? Myntra Masterclass is nothing but a super exciting feature added to the Myntra Insider loyalty program. Myntra Masterclass aims to help you revamp your style and add new pieces to your wardrobe so you never have another fashion emergency. If you are wondering, “Is the Myntra Masterclass really worth my time?”, we are here to answer that. We break down why the Myntra Masterclass is for you by listing out the top five perks of joining in.


The Myntra Masterclass is extremely affordable considering you are getting to watch a professional stylist give out their best fashion tips and tricks. Each session is roughly worth 150 Insider points, which equals Rs 1500 since each Insider point is worth Rs 10. In our opinion, that is a very small price to pay for an expert fashion intervention.

Quality content

In this day and age of greatly structured and impressive content, Myntra Masterclass has a certain quality to match up to. Each Myntra Masterclass video is of top-notch quality that is highly engaging, methodically constructed and edited to perfection. Myntra has always pledged to make the user experience a priority, and it truly is the case with the Myntra Masterclass program.

Gain styling skills at your own pace

Each Myntra Masterclass session you purchase can be rewatched any number of times. Myntra Masterclass encourages viewers to learn at their own pace, in their own time. You can easily refer to a particular advice or recommendation video whenever you feel like.

A personalized experience

What makes Myntra Masterclass so great is that you can be a part of them. You can ask questions on the spot, and if you are lucky, the celebrity stylist will respond immediately. This feature of a LIVE Q&A is a wonderful addition to these sessions. However, in case your query is not solved, don’t worry. All of your questions will be addressed within a span of three days.

Understand what trends suit you better

We all have our individual journeys of self-acceptance. Not every trend that breaks the internet may suit us or be practical. If someone can hold your hand and tell you “You can do without it, honey”, there is no other force more empowering. FOMO is beyond real and a professional telling you that a style trend is not for you can help you save not just money, but energy.

We believe your fashion game will drastically change with the Myntra Masterclass. Take our advice and join Myntra Masterclass today — you won’t regret it!