What is wide width shoes

A wide foot is mostly a natural condition meaning you were born that way. Others develop wide feet as they age, gain weight, and at times due to pregnancy. Since women have wide hips, their feet also tend to be wide more than men. Standing for long periods with heavyweight can also result to flatter and wider feet. People with wide feet encounter challenges with shoes and find that their toes always develop corns, calluses, and blisters on the side of their foot. If you are encountering these challenges, then it’s time to know what is wide width shoes meant for and why you need them. If you are buying new shoes and you try them on, and they feel tight around the wide part of your feet, then try wide width shoes in similar size instead of messing your toes ad feet skin with corns and blisters. 

Causes for wide width shoes

Following are some ways you can tell if you need wide width shoes:

  1. If you develop calluses and corns on your toes and get hard parched on the side of your skin.
  2. If you have hammertoes, get to know what is wide width shoes good for.
  3. Finding Blisters on your toes
  4. Change of color on your toes.

Why choose wide width shoes?

You now have an idea of wide width shoes and what they are meant for and why people choose them as explained below:

  1. Very narrow shoes cause painful foot conditions and can result in ingrown toenails, calluses, and metatarsals. This is enough reason to switch to wide width shoes that offer more comfort and relief.
  2. Wearing wide width shoes will make it easy to walk freely, unlike very narrow shoes that make walking uncomfortable and difficult and even get tired easily.

Medium width shoes are easy to buy in a normal conventional shop, unlike wide width shoes that can only be bought at orthopedic shoe stores or companies. They design shoes specifically for wide or swollen feet. They also design for those who suffer from hammertoes or bunions. Thanks to which helps in the latest design technologies.

When buying wide width shoes, ensure they are comfortable and fit well. Features common for well-designed wide width shoes are:

  1. Support your feet well.
  2. Extra-depth
  3. Spacious toe box area for the movement of your toes.
  4. Non-binding fit.
  5. Spaces to adjust the space inside the shoe for a perfect fit.
  6. Customized to fit and less pressure on corns and bunions.
  7. Tie-less system eliminating the need to fasten or unfasten the laces.

The best wide width shoes are brands like Clarks, Skechers, ASA, Propet, Vionic, Ecco., and Birkenstocks. They have cute heels, and quite comfortable and the cost is friendly. To determine the width of the shoe, trace your foot around a piece of paper with a pen or a pencil. Measure around the widest part of your foot and minus 1.5 inches from the measurement you get to account for the line drawn. After that it easy to check your size online on the sizing chart for your number. You may wonder what is wide width shoes for women. You can check online for the size chart which is free. You don’t need to worry about your shoe size anymore. 

In conclusion, wide width shoes are widely available in the market and you can make an order whenever you need one. Shoes with a wide width are simply designed with more room for the foot. They normally have a wider and deeper toe area for the toes to be more comfortable. The instep also has enough room to give all shapes of feet and sizes enough room to stay comfortable. It’s always wise to learn to keep your feet comfortable with the shoes that you can comfortably walk in to keep your feet and body healthy. Wide width shoes are available in many designs ranging from cute heels, comfortable heels, sneakers, and cute sandals all for wide feet. They are designed with lightweight, cushioned soles to offer great arch support and are easy to clean. Get yourself a wonderful pair of wide width shoes to keep your feet healthy and free from blisters and corns. 

Author: Julia Maksheeva, CMO of Brandable