What type of jewellery pieces suit your face shape the most?

When it comes to jewellery, most people usually pick items that they favour the most, but did you know that there are pieces that actually enhance your facial features? No? Well in fact just as certain hairstyles complement different face shapes, so does jewellery, and in this post, we are going to explain exactly which types of jewellery you should opt for, to enhance your wonderful features.

You most likely already take some things into consideration, such as the shape of your hands and length of your fingers when buying rings, you may also think about skin tone when buying jewellery too, but there is much more you can do when it comes to buying necklaces, bracelets and earrings to ensure that you find something that suits you perfectly.

Determine your face shape first

You probably know about the different types of face shapes, although you may be unsure which category yours fits into. To start with, there are seven familiar face shapes and the best way to find yours is to look into a mirror and draw the outline of your face, or perhaps get someone to take a picture of your face and do a Google search online to see which one matches you best.

The seven shapes are:

  1. Round
  2. Oval
  3. Square
  4. Heart
  5. Triangular
  6. Rectangular
  7. Diamond

Which types of jewellery match perfectly with the shapes mentioned above?

Round face shapes

Round faces generally have good proportions, they do not have any significant angles or prominent jawlines or cheekbones but more so soft features. Round faces tend to suit all types of jewellery, but to add more length, drop or dangle earrings work perfectly. Similarly, by wearing longer chains with pendants will help to elongate facial features, however, studded earrings may work better with long necklaces.

Oval face shapes

Oval faces are considered one of the most flattering of all face shapes since most hairstyles will compliment them, however when it comes to jewellery you want to avoid anything that may potentially elongate it further, so studded earrings or a short drop design will work better. When it comes to necklaces, the most flattering designs to wear with oval shapes tend to be anything that sits along the collar bone, these help to get the proportions right and compliment oval faces perfectly.

Square face shapes

Square faces are rather prominent and sculptured. As opposed to round and ovals, they usually have much wider jawlines, hence the name square. Square faces suit anything that is long and delicate, so long drop earrings rather than hoops work better. Try to avoid anything chunky and opt for delicate pieces and perhaps a nice pendant that doesn’t distract from your wonderful features but more so enhances them.

Heart face shapes

If you have a heart-shaped face it means that your forehead is wider, but your face gradually comes in towards the chin area, a bit like the shape of a heart, hence the name. Choker style necklaces work beautifully with heart-shaped faces, helping to balance out a wider forehead. Earrings that are tear or pear drop are the ideal length as they fall at the right proportion to offer the illusion of a more prominent jaw line.

Triangular face shapes

Triangular faces have more prominent jaws so any shorter length jewellery will compliment best, also think about delicate pieces such as curved pendants as these help to flatter triangular faces too. When it comes to earrings, shorter designs are best as it helps to balance out facial features, try diamond studs, ear cuffs and if you want something dangly, keep it relatively short in length.

Rectangular face shapes

Similar to oval faces, rectangular faces are in proportion, however they are more prominent than the softer features of an oval face. However, jewellery for oval and rectangular faces generally fall into the same category. You want to avoid anything that could potentially elongate the face further so anything that sits on or around the collar bone will work beautifully.

Opt for necklaces which are not too long in length, or you could go for a nice choker or chain which has a pendant on it as this will trick the eye, creating the illusion of a much shorter length face. Earrings can be chunky or wide or perhaps a nice pair of big hoops, if you wish, as they help to widen longer faces, and also help to soften sharp prominent features.

Diamond face shapes

Diamond faces tend to have rather sharp features and are often pointy around the jawline, luckily for those faces, any type of earring tends to work well. There is no need to proportion top or bottom areas of the face, so sticking with what you love is the best advice, you most likely already know what suits your face if it is diamond shaped.

When it comes to necklaces and chains, however, the shorter the length, the more it helps to soften sharp, strong features. Longer lengths tend to draw the eye downwards making diamond faces seem longer and more prominent and if you wish to avoid this, stick with shorter lengths.

So, there you have it, a roundup of face shapes and an idea of what type of jewellery to buy that will flatter you the most. The next step now is to go shopping, and try it for yourself, put these tips to the test and see what wonderful designs you can find. Perhaps you’ll find something that will compliment your face like never before.