Where To Get Best Hawaiian Tattoo In Kihei

Tribal life is an important part of the Hawaiian island. Different Hawaiian tribes are known for their age-old tattooing art and the tattoo artists within these communities held a high place. Even such tribal community also believe in welcoming wealth and prosperity once they have a good tattoo artist.

If you are a Hawaiian you probably know the tradition of tattooing. If you are a tourist you may find several tattoo parlours around every tourist spot in Hawaii. If you are in Kihei and looking for a native tattoo artist, don’t miss to visit Octopus Ink Tattoo.

What is different Hawaiian Tattooing

Even today, the Hawaiian people consider tattoos and mehendi designs as a sign of status and social importance.

Black ink is the predominant colour used for Hawaiian tattoo designs since the primaeval period and still prevailing. They used to get the black colour kukui nut ashes and sugarcane juice, though today there are more synthetic colours are available in the market.     

When other colours were introduced to traditional tattoo art, those were usually made up of various brightly coloured flowers found on the gorgeous island, such as the magnificent Hawaiian Iris.

Ancient Tattoo Art of Hawaii

Before getting introduced to the modern tattoo tools and machinery, people were used to getting tattoo inking by an artist who knew how to perform the inking with natural objects like cactus barbs, fish bones, bird beaks, sharp animal claws or urchin spines etc. Moreover, the tattoo artists often used to hit the tool by a stick to make punctures in the skin to create the design, and the assistant of the artist would stretch the skin and wipe away the blood.

During those early days, some of the tattooing tools like the tattoo ink contained some poisonous elements, while the ancient inking instruments would have meant that the person might go through extreme pain while having a tattoo. Moreover, unlike today, becoming a tattoo artist was open to all. There was no scope of professional training or certification or licensing as of today.

But now you can get the traditional tattoo inked anywhere on your skin by the licensed professionals at Octopus Ink Tattoo parlour in Kihei, Hawaii Island.

Traditional Tattoo Designs of Hawaii

Traditional Hawaiian tattoos mainly portrayed an array of geometric and symmetrical designs. Most of those designs got inspiration from the pristine nature, such as the stones, waves, flora, fauna, as well as the tropical sun and rain.

But soon it evolved and involved portraying celebration and self-expression, with more pictorial forms on the skin canvas. In the modern-day Hawaiian tattoo parlours ink your body with more island features like the lizards, sea turtles, sharks and dolphins. Though the demand for extravagant traditional tattoos are still high.

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