Why Diamond pendant are Loved by Women

Well said “Some girls look good in diamonds. Some girls make diamond look good”

Diamond is a very precious gem that everybody wants to own. Diamond is an evergreen gem and has a pleasing effect on person who wears it as well as on person who sees it. In today’s world everybody is so busy and wants to get succeed in their life as soon as possible and wants to shine like a diamond. And if we talk about the world, now it becomes more glamour’s and stylish. Everybody rushes towards new style, trends either it is jewellery or clothes. Every person wants to set his or her trend and become popular. What if we talk about jewellery? Jewellery made with many types for i.e. gold, platinum, silver, Ivory and diamond but nowadays people rush towards diamond because it looks pretty and it sounds good for long-term investment. Girl loves to wear jewellery studded with diamond. Weather it is diamond pendant [จี้เพชร, which are the term in Thai], ring, bracelets or many more. It enhanced the beauty of a woman. Woman and jewellery have formed a great combination together.

Let’s talk about some forms of the jewellery below.

Antique jewellery:

Its name define that it is a type of jewellery that combine with the old world and that’s why have old and rough style and people love to buy this jewellery.

Handmade jewellery:

Handmade jewellery is made by the craftsman.

Stylish jewellery:

It is all time wearing jewellery by the need the person that’s why it is made with cheap and lighter metal and stuff.

Silver jewellery:

It comes with the combination of gold jewellery and also gets lot of popularity among women.

Ivory jewellery:

It is a hard form of jewellery that is made with the tusks and teeth of the animal like elephants and hence it is world famous form of jewellery.

Pearls jewellery:

Pearls jewellery comes in many varieties like pearls with gold or pearls with silver or sometime in hard thread.

So the world is surrounding with many types of jewellery and play a very important role in everyone’s life.